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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sweet & Sour Caroline.

Good morning Vietnam and co. I do hope we are all having a truly spiffing week.
My ying and yang, seem to be rekindling their old flame once again, after my most recent stressy state of affairs. Now, I wouldn't  go as far as saying, todays been a walk in the park; Im still residing in idiot ville, population 1. Embarrassing my self and most beings, within a 5 mile radius; with my projectile vomit like vocabulary, lack of spacial awareness and dumb-ass inabilities to deliver a text messages to its intended recipient.
Like seriously ...who the hell, sends their employer (a photographer in yours truly's case), lovey-Mc'dovey, Neil freaking Diamond lyrics, intended for ones boyfriend?


But in not so 'eurgh' news, heres some Belgian beautifuls, taken by the modern-day film prodigy, Jan Scholz. 

Without sounding too nauseating...(I hope).
I do rather love the inner peacefulness emitted within these 6 Fevrier frames. 
...(Yep totally nauseating. I just cant do it.)...

With Love Raphaella x

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