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Monday, 1 April 2013


Good morning sports fans.
And welcome to your Easter Monday.
I surprisingly managed to salvage, a whole two days of this Holy holiday, thanks to an unplanned, early arrival home, from the 'End of the World'. (Somewhere plonked between Inverness and Aberdeen, for those who haven't yet been).
Nevertheless, my weekend was hardly the Bunnies, Chickens and Jesus, ideal. But then, when has tradition, conformity and all-round normality, ever really been en-sync, with the beat of my life?

But theres no denying; whilst im sitting here on day 2, of glaring at this 27inch worth of, DreamWeaver HTML hindrance.
I think Id much sooner be encompassed by own unconventional relations and feeding on a slice of roast beef.

Ce la vie...
Heres my own take on, resurrection weekend. 
Copyright: Norbert Holy.
And theres plenty more where that came from... :)

Oh... and here I am, rather randomly in this weeks 'Star' Magazine.
Displaying a rather convincing casual weight training routine... If only they could see the harsh reality that is, the harrowing scene of me undertaking those damn 2k's at the gym.

Happy Monday.
With Love Raphaella x

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