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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

You are what you eat.

Good-day yall' nocturnals.. I currently make its 14 minutes to the hour, twelve that is, and im smacked off my bee-stings on seven to many Fab's.
God bless, those sprinkle-fied, understated, sub-zero yummies.
Im just sick of the snubbery, these delectable, desserts on a stick are subject to. Sure they're no 'Feast' but jeepers give the guys some credit where its due. They're the only damn thing on this retched planet (other than bananas) thats inflation proof.
PLUS, they only contain a mere 82 Calories.. If you have the back-bone to consume only one that is.
Whats not to love???

In my own mite-sized attempt, to raise the flag of awareness for these disdained, icy treats; Ill be now sporting a pair of these from now on. 
...Coming to a shoot near you soon.

Speaking of homes for toes, here I am rocking something slightly cooler, on a commercial job with everybody's favourite eighth wonder of the world, Jay Mawson.
Stay Fab.
With Love Raphaella x


  1. Fabs rock! I have some in my freezer and now eating one thanks to your reminder :-P
    I also love Nobbly Bobblies (for the all-over hundreds & thousands!)

    You pictures are super cool Raphy :-)

  2. WOO! Go Holly! I can just picture you with your nobbly-bobbly!
    What a blast from the past they are!.. I must hunt a box down. :D