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Thursday, 30 January 2014


 Extra delicious film photographs, taken by Martin Herberhold.
Brussels 2013.

WithLove Raphaella x

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

An alabaster story.

Im not dead, I promise.
And I will get back into the narrative swing of things, sooner or later... :/
Meanwhile, he's some pretty little pixels, to moisten one's parched pallet.
Photography by Bartlomiej Stazsowski
Styling: Emily Long
Makeup: Victoria MUA

WithLove Raphaella x

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Captured by a Crimped Face

Well hello web friends and Co. 
A rather extended sum of time its been indeed.

I guess it would be marginally appropriate to bring forth a witty ass explanation, as to my disappearance from the 'blogger-sphere' for the last quarter? But the darn truth is, im just far to busy kissing the whiskers off my amazing Mr.Maximus. 
 *Edit... wringing out of his slobberfied wrinkles, and chasing him around the fort, aiming to prise my slippers out of his chops and back onto my frost-bitten feet.

But if you too, have been lucky enough to have witnessed his friendly furrowed face of recent, im sure you'll agree, it be a pretty damn good excuse. :) 

But just in case you may have forgotten (since his last, every 15 minutely FB upload)... here's a quick reminder of what landed on my lap this October 4th.....
Yes.. the most beautiful blue pooch any man has ever seen.
.....And amongst the month of gorping at his lovely mush with with sheer admiration... there's been the good old modelling to keep me busy every God given day; covering every last inch of the Great British Isles and beyond, WHILST attempting to renovate the home-sweet-home, all with a teeny-weeny ball of
 barking/snoring/peeing cuteness, in tow.

Life has never been better. :)

So much so, im going to head back out there now and enjoy it....

Yes, it may not yet be December and I may usually be hailing "Humbug" into megaphones and shaking fists at shoppers with their 'bird of pray' like, shopping bag wing span. BUT incontrovertibly it appears to be someone's 1st Christmas, here at the 
Raphaella residence. :)

So feck it! The evergreen's going up tonight!

But not to fret; Ill be leaving you all with this scrummy selection of Nudeography's captured by the fantastical 
Pino Leone, taken in a heatwave clad Roma, earlier this Augusto.
WithLove Raphaella x

Monday, 23 September 2013

Thumb Wars.

Hello Monday and Friends.

So whilst my mind fry's, to the mentally infecting sound of GTA-5... 
That's the lame-brained game of the moment, 'Grand Theft Auto', for anyone whom doesn't know... has a life? 

Yes that right, 2013's latest installment, of misogynistic, megalomaniac massage, has hit planet Raph.

If you still don't have an inkling as to what it is, that Im carrying-on about, you've clearly and creditably been rocking this seasons must have blinkers. And thus, have avoided every billboard from here to Papua New Guinea, containing the animated mugshots of these seemingly post-apocalyptic, rabies ridden, once were SIMS.

To Prepare: 
Grab yourself 1 hyper-homicidal Mark Wahlberg, a handful of narcotized Chris Brown's and season lavishly with weapons of war. And hey presto you've got yourselves a multi billion dollar grossing, minefield of girlfriend mass suicide.
Best Served: Not At All
Alternative recipe's include: 
Take 1 Disc, remove from its unevolved, pre-millenia graphic clad packaging, frisbee said disc onto the roof, and leave till doomsday. Meanwhile, grab your half salvaged man and get him straight to work on your soon to be, Garden of Eden, mural amaze-balls hallway.

Here's some Fujiroids.
 Copyright: The rather amazing...DRJPHOTO

WithLove Raphaella x