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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Suicide Blonde.

OK! Hands up mother cluckers... who stole my energy?!

I think I missed the turning, for a town called 'Functional Sanity', around 12 miles back; and now Im truly making tracks on this u-turnless highway to 'Burn-out valley'.

This wouldn't be my first vacation to such an impoverish place. Oh no...; Despite its Zero star Trip-Advisor ratings, I just cant resist heading back Exhaustion-ville each year.
Perhaps its the faulty-towers all-boy hostel dorms, that keep bringing me back? I mean theres nothing quite like, arriving into a snow adorned ghetto' at 11pm, to find theres no recollection of your online reservation. YIPEE!!.. Even better, when you realise you've forgotten your jim-jams, and your forced into slumbering in some good for nothing, floaty modelling gear, surrounded by a bunk-bedded legion of raging testosterone.

It must be that, because it surly cant be the mandatory, Nescafe granules on toast and Expresso soup, cuisine?

All I know is that according my diary (and no thanks to my, overly ambitious, merciless segment of Brain) Im on this bag-eyed road till August.


Sorry I cant be anymore any entertaining for you chaps today, but all ive got on the noggin, is the will to compose sweet sounds of 'zeds' with my Duvet. So for today Im gonna be one of those pillocks, that let their images speak for themselves... :D


Copyright: The amazing, Faye and Trevor Yerbury.

With Love and 'Zeds' Raphaella x

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