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Monday, 11 March 2013

Hollywood Dreaming.

Im not well. Im not well at all.

The Flu affliction, is currently in full throttle, despite my best efforts; having surly covered Boots's overheads for the next month, with my santa sacks of Beechams-this, Lozenges-that, sinus sniffy sticks and some questionable rolly instrument, that im pretty sure is intended for underarm perspiration, not my forehead.

Sadly non of the above, are relieving the current earth-shattering, sneezes on loop; that shake my body like hurricane Katrina, approximately every 23 minutes.

All I need now, is a facial seasoning, of Herpes Simplex, to really kick this week off to a fine start. (*Touches/worships giant wooden girder.)

But on a slightly healthier day in sunny Southern France; these Vintage Dior adorned, siren-esque snaps, where taken by the splendiferous RBB2.

Toodle-Pip Tinternet.... Hello maximum-strength decongestants.

WithLove Raphaella x


  1. Very nice sets. My most favorite one in a while. You are always beautiful but these are smoking hot.
    Hope you get over the sniffles soon and get back to shooting.
    Wishing you well,

  2. vraiment jolie en déshabillé satin.