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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ghost stories.

Good evening earthlings.

So im back from sunny Bansko, a wee bruised, battered and bandaged, but there's no surprises there right? I mean it really wouldn't be a Raphy holiday, without a jaunt at the Medical centre.

But on a totally sincere note, I had a one hecky-peck of a Fevrier escape, to the land of Pink roses. (Not that I saw any, however.)

Although landing into Sofia, was an experience all of it own. This ex-communist, high-rise whereabouts, makes Manchester look like Bora-Bora on the Grey scale.
But that's not entirely conclusive; no thanks to the rain vs ringroad route out of the city. 
Im sure that the Alexander Nevski, is just super duper indeedy..

But 3 hours South, through the highly policed windy Bulgarian outback, towards the Mountainous Greek borders, lies Bansko.
A scenic, ski extravaganza in the heart of the Pirin national park. Although the small town has been catapulted into 21st century-ism, with its lodgings, bistros and lifts; nestled between the 'new', you will find architecture that can only have inspired Disney's Beauty and the Beast. In fact im pretty freaking sure my Kebapche was served by Old Maurice, in Gastons cowhide & antler everything tavern, earlier this Tuesday.
 Unfortunately both characters where a tad on the camera shy side. So heres my self, my beautifully customised Princess board (THANKYOU, HANDSOME BOYFRIEND, VERY MUCHLY.) and the stunning snow clad landscape.

In much naffer notable news.. One is feeling slightly bogged down today, by the copious amounts of emails & admin, that I unavoidably must contend with.
And oh yes, how can I possibly forget? Ive been blocked from Facebook for 30days. Nope, your eyes haven't failed you, you've read that absolutely right.... 30 chuffing days! 

Heres some ghostly, beautiful imagery by the talented 

Chow for now...
With Love Raphaella x

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