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Monday, 25 February 2013

"We RaphaellawithLOVE you Charlie "

Good-morning everyone.
Todays wee' bloggy may be short, but hopefully still seemingly sweet-like-chocolate, in pixel content.
I could quite happily, prattle on to you all-day about the cyclone thats currently stirring around me. Generated primarily, by the joys of being 'used' in life; and forever being the kind of spirit thats susceptible to this kind of wrongdoing. 
But ill save you that light note, for my begrudging return to Blighty in March.

For now though, I oughta' get cracking-a-lacking with the days 'War and Peace' length errand agenda.

See you on the other side of the slopes.
(Or on >Facebook< ...whichever you prefer really..?)

Copyright: the super-duper, allround amaze man...


Peace, love and nostalgia.
Raphaella x

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