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Thursday, 7 February 2013

With Love from Mars.

Good Thursday yall!

Its time to breathe, drink oodles of tea and catch up on the various relentless volcanic mailboxes, after seven solid days on the road/sky (whatever). That's as soon as I mange to rid fort-Raph of the lingering stenches, of last nights sinful greece bomb take out. As if im not feeling terrible enough for the copious sums of calories consumed in one sitting, that should rightfully keep me fuelled till next tuesday. These Pakistani microorganisms are undoubtably stamping my house with a dose of a week long guilt-trip, by clinging on to every last inch of linen they can so find.

Goodbye islamabad.. Hello Lavender.

Anywho... This week signifies my 4 years of Art nude exhibitionism! 
Can you honestly believe, Ive wiggled my hips in sync with shutters, thru an Olympics, a presidential election and a freaking solar eclipse? (There is that other silly old thing they call 'World Cup' or something?, but we all know my thoughts on fifa).
But if we rewind that x4... To a time a governed by one of our favourite, most infamous FamilyGuy characters.

Circa 97' saw my VERY first taste of 'working it'...
OH YEAH..... ;)

...Oh, so your probably wondering whats the hap, on the old scaffolding-to-cranium business.
Well work has been difficult, memory has been lost (much of which I was actually quite content on keeping). 
Spacial awareness (as if I ever had any), is truly out the window. Irritability and anxieties are sky high and... oh did I mention the headaches??
I did have a mid week scare, that saw me back in the joyous crack-den Manchester Royal, thanks to an alarming droopy face and slurred speech. But luckily enough, there was no Stroke on the radar and I was sent packing with a prescribed patronsing pamphlet, that kindly outlines the phycological problems and behavioural changes, that I should be well aware of over the next 6-12 months.
...Woo!.... NAAAAAT!!!!!!

Anywho, heres a pretty good reflection of how lightyear-ific behind schedule I am running, on the blasted blogging front.

These beautiful 'Mars like' (if only it had the damn H2o) captures, where taken on skin melting Augustus workshop, in sunny Western Belgium.

I kinda love them very muchly...
You may well recognise one or two of the more clothed pretties, from the bemusing land of Facebook. Which I have now of course succumbed to, giving you all the privilege of liking and sharing to your hearts desire.

Its still a little ruff around the edges but Im getting there, one step at a time. 

With love Raphaella x


  1. Great images Raphaella like poses and location.
    Glad to here you are back home and getting on with it.

  2. As always, beautiful pictures Raphaella...the location is awesome...and as Richard says, great poses...

  3. manifique photos sur ces gros rochets et manifique photos avec le voilage blanc.