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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Brain Freeze.

Hello non-conformists & peoples who actually get on & embrace life, instead of sucking at the teet of the 'Joneses', via a social networking utility.

In other words if you arnt on Facebook, you probably wont have heard that I suffered a rather nasty head on collision, with a tumbling 12ft of scaffolding, this freezing Friday 25th.

Ill save you the amateur dramatics and let you know that after a tedious two days of London-Royal treatment, Im now back home, feeling dandy, ogling over my favourite, TV - naturalist's latest offerings.
Me and my adopted Granddad have dwindled away many a Sunday, eating Worthers and learning wonders.
(PS. He may not be TOTALLY aware of his role in this relationship.)

So whilst I enjoy this current mammoth expedition, of the teeny-weeny turtles. Ill leave you with a randomly-tastic selection of quirk, by the Amaze-tographer Mr. Cornerstone.

(....After sadly being let down by a snow-phobic such-a-body, on my recent SouthWest flyby. Super Andrew and his cans of hipster loving came to save the frost bitten day! 
Yipeeeeeeeee!! :) )

Isnt he just brilliant?

WithLove Raphaella x


  1. He is awesome! But so are you :D

  2. Glad to here your back home.
    Love the range of images here good eork from both of you.

  3. Really perfect! <3