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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Jay Mawson side of the Moon.


So hopefully, these two weeks of hypothetical 'ball-ache-ous' is coming to a swift and happy ending...(No filthy pun intended.)

And I know, I probably don't demonstrate quite enough ladles of appreciation, for all the fabby things, that tend to float on by, each day of my life. But why does karma insist on such a plight, of multi, mind and soul molestation, in just one mere fortnight.

OK, so it hasn't all been doom and gloom... 
(although it mainly has been, yes.)
Shrove-Tuesdays homemade, extravaganzas, were certainly something to smile about. I mean, what kinda' lassy, doesn't desire Fuchsia Pink pancakes, enveloping hearty scoops of Hargen-Daz, at some point in her life?
Rita Ora... was definitely worth her thirty something-th day wait.

'Django Unchained'.... was dammmmmmn good. (In fact, im sure Ill be dedicating an entire bloggy critique, to the Tarantino matter pretty soon.)

'Zero Dark Thirty'... was not. (If you've seen the trailer, you've seen it all.)

'True grit'... was my chosen dosage of visual elysium.

Shortly followed by BBC1's, 'Penguins' part 1.... 
(I couldn't find a single piece of imagery that would do the species nor the artistic merit of its creators any justice... so heres a cute impostor instead.)
But if you prefer to see your favourite blubbery friends, in a more sneaker free, arctic natural habitat. 
Waddle, slip and slide your way over to BBCi Player Now.

But in pre-emotional-apocalyptic news...
Team Mawson & Mc made time for


And before you say anything, YES that is my narrowed down selection, of Jay's previously narrowed down selection..
But I just dont give a hoot, because I love 'em.

And to see that very Seventy-something, slightly more articulated, ISSUU book selection, jolly on over to...
>Mawson World.<

Oh, he is FECKING GOOD isnt he?!

With Love Raphaella McNamara x


  1. Certainly a strong set of images Raphaella as you say he is good - mind you so are you

  2. All in sensibility , I love them! X

  3. Awesome images. I love them. Very nice that you posted so many. Lovely as always. And Happy Valentines day.

  4. i cant stop to love the first photo. So much beautiful.

  5. jolie les photos sur le canapé et aussi les photos avec ton pantalon gold.