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Thursday, 21 February 2013

My doubts on Doubt.

Annnnnnnnnnddddd.....BREATHE. Or casual funky-chicken.
Whichever display of bliss, tickles your pickles really, when granted your first day off in many.

Today however, will essentially consist of, back stroking, salmon-style, through my Amazonian river of receipts. And possibly putting a 44 Magnum to my brain, once ive calculated just how many race horses, I should now rightfully be owning, at the expense of my daily caffeine kick.

(Insert, witty horse meat scandal joke here.)

In more 'funner' (Is that really a word? It surly cant be intolerant, to the evil, red & wiggly underlinings!?) day off news...
I intend to share with you, a recent photo or two?
Eat a few cumberland sausages? 
Then burn off a few cumberland sausages?
Oh and then there's this wee movie, thats been curiously lingering around my DVD player for sometime...
The question is, do I give it, the 2hr 3minute chance it deserves?
Stella cast. 
However, mystro Howard shores's acoustics, arnt particularly grabbing my balls.
(Notes on a postcard or in the comment receptacle below, are appreciated.)

Anywho, what a goooooooregous week it has been in old Blighty.
Maybe, just maybe... The Great British public wouldn't be the most miserable, lazy and cynical nation on planet earth; If a few more of these Arctic circle resembling, tangerine canvased sky's and its subtropical seeming rays; shone down upon our morbid soils, for just one or two more days, each year?

Nah.... we'd still be idiots.

But my blog for one, would surly be a tad more 'pink-unficorns', if I was to type from the cozy-zones of a patchwork hammock. With Pina-colada on tap (preferably served by Tom Hardy) and a few friendly turtle faces at my feet....And without being too unrealistic, perhaps a clan of somersaulting Dolphins, upon the horizon.

(MMM...just the tiniest, weekly weather tangent.)

Anywho...back to reality; well my quaint version at least...
Which includes, these delicately divine nudes, by the amazing toulon twosome... RBB2.

More of their pin-up perfectionism, to come soon....

With Love & Thursday snogs.. Raphaella x


  1. 'poetry in motion'

  2. You would make a very lovely statue. I wish I had a laser scan of you from one of the pedestal shots. If so I would print you out on my 3d printer and keep you on my desk. Sorry if that sounds creepy. I just think you would look wonderful in Marble or Pewter.