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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Its beginning to look a lot like Bedlam.

Snow fecking snow!

We are a global embarrassment, to put it midly..

If your cant move your car... WALK!
IF your trains cancelled... WALK!
If you cant walk... SLEDGE!

Get your butts to work and school, for crying our loud...
How is it, that in what was once the largest and foremost powerful of global empires.
With baloney laws, that include Royal procession of Whale heads that beach upon our coastlines.
....Pray do tell, why the nation is driving skating around, without winter tyres?!? SERIOUSLY! After years of being spanked by these storms, why the freak has this legislation not come to pass?

Cruising around on our summertime calamari-rings, is all good and well, if our roads where at the very least clear. Cough cough*.... Tumble weed*....
If only we could just get our parlitement-atious pals, to put those cashmere mittens in their pockets, and invest a few million in snow ploughs, instead of sitting back and watching us dwindling away billions in economic losses! ARGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

And no..Ive still not finished.
Why the balls, are we driving around with our automobiles meringued in Snow?

As if visibility isnt bad enough... where driving around in giant igloos! God give me strength!
This isnt some Arctic-adventure version of Crash-Bandicoot, this is the really shitty world, where camouflage has no place on the road!

And last but not least, if you dont star in Armageddon stop dramatising your route to and from work. 
Anyway enough of this Snow stuff, im sending my self into a frenzy.
Heres some water-baby goodness by the brilliant Belgian photographer and allround awesome person, DirtyHarry.
With Love Raphaella x