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Monday, 21 January 2013

Im aware its Martin Luther King day... but your still not excused.

Hello my cyber sidekicks and welcome to the Twenty-first of January.
(Crud!.. Has it really been that long since I last blogged?) 
Jeez... sorry about that.

You know, Im really not getting into the swing of this whole 2013 thing.
I keep reading a whole lotta people claiming this this to be "their year" ... (but what the fuck does that actually mean?
...Some kind of new trend perhaps? ...Where do I buy such a thing? ...Do I pawn in the family heirlooms, to Tom Cruise, for a lease hold over the year of the snake?).

I tell no lie, If I am made subject to one more dragged-and-dropped, gag reflexing, 'inspirational' quote on my newsfeed... I swear to Martin Luther, Im gonna puke in my Starbucks.

Lets just a put a cork in the old subconscious lying, before my monitor implodes. 
You may well start the gym, you may even kick your crack habit. But your wishful thinking and endless FaceBook spamming, doesn't give you the immunity ticket to the disappointments, break-ups and the rest of life's short straws.

Theres a fine line between ambition and false optimism.
Changing lifestyles and attitudes is incredibly hard. Alas the, 'new you' probably won't have popped out of a hat, riding a white rabbit, at the strike of midnight December 31st.

So I ask, why the funk do we make our resolutions so arresting? They dont always always have to be an act of sacrifice.
GIVING can be just as mutually rewarding.
(Im not saying grab your coats and get on down to the soup kitchen. Although Ill be the first to admit, it's an undoubtably, beautiful and humbling experience.)

But when our brains think our resolutions are a punishment, rather than a pleasure, this arms length list of self changes, is gonna be a most likely unmaintainable pursuit.

Thats why Ive kicked off the harvest by booking my smug self a Bulgarian boarding trip.  YIPEEEE!! 
Its basically a win-win situation you see... 
I get skinny doing a sport I love, in beautiful surroundings...

Which means, Mr. Stretch arm strong - the leach of a personal trainer, can do a swift 180ยบ pivot. 
The one bowl per box, of £3.00 Special K, can stay firmly on its dust clogging shelf. 
Meanwhile ill just be over here, dunking a banana into the family size tub of Nutella.

Speaking of flakes... not the cereal but the snow.
I could write a Fourteen-thousand word paper, on my discombobulation and some what infuriation (due to many a cancellation) of the shambolic way in which our tiny, over-populated island fails to handle the pretty white dust.
But I guess, that will just have to stew in this turbulent mind of mine for another 24hrs, as I should probably be leaving for my afternoon shoot around about NOW.

Anywho todays femtographys may contain traces of the most angelic and beautiful model I know... and im sure you wont been needing any nudges as to whom this might be.

When I first started modelling in 2009, Holly's  fairness, artistry and grace, had a colossal influence over my life forming decision to become a figure model.
She has unknowingly inspired me in so many ways, for so many years and I feel forever privileged to Carl Grim a wonderful photographer and kind friend for giving us the opportunity of finally creating together.

Hope you likey ... :)

With Love Raphaella x


  1. Wow!!! They are just amazing images!!!! Wonderful team!!!!!!! x

  2. Fantastic shots. You both work really well together as these are some of the best duo photos I've seen. I especially the emotions that you both seem to be showing really add something to the images. Great work by all.

  3. Great set of images Raph really like the figures in the window one.
    Good work from all.

  4. 6th and 9th are my favourite shots but they are all extremely good. This is the dream team model pairing for me. I've worked with Holly but not you Raphaella so maybe if I win the lottery one day..
    Having never seen you together before I would have thought you would be more different than you actually are and your figures just work beautifully together.

  5. These images are fabulous. You two are awesome. Together you are unbeatable ,simply the best! So glad i have worked with you both. Can't work this comment thing so Love

  6. Magificent! I have only a regret that not to have taken these photos... ;-)