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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sand sprawling with Santa.

Nails did... (lets see how long they last). Hair did...(but never gonna be satisfied). 
Heels, silky nicks and paste for teeth packed up and 2x boarding passes at the ready, for tomorrows 
French Rivera escapade.

Surprisingly im not being my typically Scroogy self this December....SHOCK HORROR!...I know.
Thats not to say, im ecstatic about the whole "here we go again" money train. But with a brothers face as cute as this to spoil, who can refuse to feel festive?

...Well as its far gone midnight, and ive still to cast my tinsel-fied forestry, so heres some unorthodox Yuletide imagery to bide you over till im back in Blighty.

Copyright: The truly wonderful GSphoto

With Love & crimbo glee, Raphaella McNamara x

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful images... HAPPY XMAS!!
    All the best,