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Friday, 30 November 2012

Belle mort.

Well, Hi everyone.
Im finally back to the silvery sky's of Mancunia, after several days of european photographic pursuits...eew I hate that word.

Sorry for the extensive silence by the way, you must all think ive gone awol. But I kinda lost my great grandma this week, so my think-tank is pretty pulverised, to say the least.

Im sure you'd rather skip the details and I don't particularly fancy the subject myself.
But I would really like to put something out there thats currently chafing the cogs of my mind....

If you love someone, just let them know. Its really quite simple maths.
Don't go making void excuses about visiting in four Sunday's time and on the 29th of never. Go now! And hug them now! And take a man-size box of sugar coated fruit jellies, because you really never know what an assumingly innocent tomorrow may have in store for you.

Death. It wouldn't be in my all time favourite, top10 subjects, lets put it that way. But after my recent regrettable reminder of our earthly existence, I am now beginning to question if mortality awareness, could perhaps be, a healthy phycological state?
The positives reaped not necessarily from loss, but the acknowledgement of life's one and only guarantee is invaluable. Fostering meaning in the present and the curiosity of our continuity; these thoughts can help us prioritise our goals, reconsider our values and cherish the magnitude of the moments we take for granted.
This is certainly not to say you need to start syncing diaries with your local crematorium. But denying your final destiny, sure isn't anyway of overcoming it.

On the contrary, Ill be the first to admit, that this 'theory' is entirely dependable upon an individuals day-to-day reality, spiritual and mental state. Four years ago, I would have laughed in the face of such a notion.
Such unadvisable thinking may tare open old wounds, such as insignificance, isolation, heart ache and self hatred to name a few. And before you know it, your on the path too 'My life has no meaning' street.
RED ALERT.....VERY DANGEROUS LIAISONS. And yet an inevitable cross roads, most of us have the joys of approaching at some stage or another in our life's.

....And on that jubilant note, im off for my din-dins.
Tune in next week, for Raphy's take on..."After-Life"
..Just kidding ;)

In the meantime, check out these dreamy visuals, by my favourite German yet residing in Belgium photographer, Martin Jozef.
Weekend wishes..
 With Love Raphaella x


  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of your grandma. I know what you mean about it making you think. I lost my mom this year.


  2. Beautiful blog Raphaella, lovely pics!!!!!!! I love the pics where you are barefoot, so divine!!!