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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Moron.... Numero 1.

Well Hello people!!
I know I really shouldn't be blogging right now, whilst my butterfly chicken proceeds to scorch upon the stove.. (Who doesn't like a bit of burned pan seasoning anyway, I ask?)
But I considered it was high tide, that I seize the short lived peace at castle Raphasurus, and fill you in on the latest current affairs.

So, we somehow ended up in this whole Christmas mess again. Surly such a palaver should be aborted in the midst of meaty recession?
Especially when it faces a head on collision with a £2000 
E-D-fucking-F energy bill.

Nope, Im running NASA over here...Surprise, surprise. Im just a sucker for a bit of period architecture, in the most costly postcode in the North West. Unfortunately such buildings arnt exactly in harmony with 21st century living, nor the wallet of a 22 year old.
Anywho... times like these (xmas and/or all other inevitable celeberations) call for a 'normal' 9-5 lifestyle. With an occupation you hate so much, you can spend your days dreaming of the perfect gifts, with a finely tuned vision of your idyllic  ensemble for next Easter Sunday.
With a career fun earner, such a modelling you are consumed not only so much by...
  • The "Where am I tomorrow and how do I plan on getting there?" 
  • The "If I pay for this hotel, will I actually break even?"
  • The "Ive got a never diminishing list of a 100 flights to book, 100 Mails to answer...on the 100 sites I maintain & 100 references to check". Great.
Yada yada yada...

But whats greater than all of this hogwash sandwiched together, Is the gift/the burden, (Im not entirely certain)... 
The creative bug. 
The bug that overwrites common sense and battles your inner critic each day. The bug that hurts people you love, yet inspires a total stranger. (Cue the Violins).

...So yes whilst a few of us arty-farties, where wrapped up in this illogical microcosm; the average-Josephine's been wrapping her presents since July. And yes we all know a freakin Josephine!

The only thing worse than a moron such as my self who waits until December 24th to do all their Christmas shopping, is the smug cow who has all her gifts wrapped and ready for shipping, before the tinsel even hits Tesco.
Now I aint being sexist here, but I'd struggle to name three guys who have their shopping done before we hit the Scorp-diac.
Its a free world, I know. Carry on with your pretty little organised lives, but please dont feel the burning need to tell me about it. It just provokes a whole lotta destructive demeanour at this end. So at the risk of alienating all of your friends and family, hold off the self righteous prancing and find a new hobby that doesn't make the rest of us feel so inadequate.

And on that light note... :)

As I return to the land of chocolate, mountains and cockoo clocks at approximately 5am tomorrow morning, I thought it may be a little apt' to share some of the fairytale like snaps from my last Octobre adventure. 
These elevensome pretties where taken at Fabien Queloz's fabulous fine-art-nude workshop. Including images by himself, his beautiful wife Anna, Elie Assal and Melanie Jenzar.
Go team!!
Enjoy your final week of consumer lunacy!
With Love Raphaella x


  1. Great work. I am highly obliged that you are sharing current affairs of 2012 of india with us. I really like that you are posting on daily basis and that too with good typical news which i didn't get from anywhere. Being IAS aspirant at, i really appreciate your work

  2. is there a full body length shot of the one holding flowers? tis a great piece anyway.