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Monday, 31 December 2012

Rocking around the Cranberry Tree..

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Four probing doctors, 
Three pounds gained,
Two nail-bed infection, 
And a partridge in a pear tree...

Well hello there my little planetoids, I do hope we've all had a fabulously, festive finish to our year?

I guess I kinda lost my web-voice, circa de 'Christmas mad-rush' 2012.
Other than the usual, work-vs-tinsel snatching, race of the rats.
Theres also been..

  • An expected, yet regrettable over indulgence. EUGH! (My pores are literally seeping Chocolate Orange).
  • The odd hopelessly exasperating family member.
  • A new found love, (which I am pretty damn sure will turn to a new found hatred by January 2nd) of raspberry gin and tea (preferably not not in the same glass. This isn't some kind of Eastern miracle working cocktail. I just figured one may cancel out the other..?) 
  • And in what I am most positively sure of, is a totally unrelated matter... Ive been bullied into the most feverish of 39degree corners (bodily temperature that is, not the geometric intersections of my bedroom) by the nefarious repeat offenders, Kenan and Kel the kidneys.

CUE: Bernard Herrmanns, most noted symphony.

Feel free to launch your unwanted cranberries and egg whites, at these back stabbing (no pun intended) bastards.
But xmas 2012 hasn't been all that atrocious, surprise, surprise....
Well except for that whole apocalypse baloney.
If I was to read one more God damn status about figi this, and GMPT that, my phone was going out of the fucking window!
But after a month of yankee morons, polluting the screens of my breakfast news with there, alien anticipation and tree molesting. I whole heartedly, opened both arms to the 'SUPER VORTEX OF DOOM' (Pretty much how I imagined things to go down anyway... My version contains no traces of a "Close Encounters of the third kind" reconstruction.)

Christ I hate that film.
...but Richard can have my heart any day.

Oh yes so I was getting to the good bits of Christmas right? I know there was something, theres gotta be.... mmm...

Oh yes, that would be the 24 hours of snuggles and food porn provided by M&S. :) Id love to insert a bit of Matsercard catchline-ry here. But im pretty certain ill still be paying off that food bill in 2040.
Now id hardly consider my self as a materialistic lassy. 
I mean the in laws kindly label me 'Barbie'.. but the last I checked Im not being chauffeured around in a unicorn drawn carriage? ...I don't believe I own a hula suit (nor possess her killer jugs, to fill one). And I definitely haven't worn knickers since 2008.

On the contrary though when the foot of your tree looks like Cath-Kidston on crack, whats a girl to do. :)

I know im usually all about the violins but I must admit, Ive been a very spoiled little Barbie Surfing Cindy this Christmas.

Id love to stop and chat about New Years resolutions and things Id like to achieve but never will. But there's a whole lotta 'Gangnam Style' world records to me made, when the hand strikes midnight.

Yes it will take me 7 hours to get ready.

So instead heres some 'Dee'- lectable imagery from the totes amaze, Elegia.

& some other currently fridge adorning purple-panty-polas from around the planet.

Happy New freaking year!! 
Best wishes & hopes to work with you in 2013.

With Love Raphaella x x x