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Monday, 19 November 2012

Blue Monday.

Whats happening world?

Im currently hibernating at planet Raph, nursing my annual pie hole of ulcers and a bruised spirit. That is when Im not mopping up 48 hours worth of adult size nose bleeds, due to some cabin pressure/burst capillary bollocks. (Thats hypothetical/cursing word 'bollocks' by the way, theres no bleeding testicles at  planet Raph...that I know of.)

Anywho....I feel positively pants. 
Holiday blues are in 5th gear and helium is solidifying as we speak, in these unrelenting temperatures.
In other ground breaking news, ive returned home to a newly McCoy embedded sofa (my best guess is flame grilled steak flavour). Two crescent moons propped up in the bathroom, that I do believe once acted as a toilet seat. An anonymous giggly red head in my living room (yep you read that right) and my once flowery plant pals, Tyrone the palm tree, Nigel the echeveria, Flounder the Cacti and Lilly the Orchid, look like they've done 12 rounds with Mike Tyson.

Its fair to say, I think id rather be back on banana duty. 
Life's so much simpler that way.

Id love to blog about the whole Thai trip of a life time thing, but I don't believe my sour face would do its deserved justice.

SO instead, heres something equally rad from the awesomely- awesome Ashley Cameron.

I think they came out rather swimmingly!

With Love Raphaella x


  1. Love the green dtess and poses Raph. Hope all the ailing issues are resolved soon.

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