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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

So I know this little place called Ireland...

So im in the midst of what can only be described as 'the drabbest Tuesday on record'. Sky-scanning since 10am this morning... Booking trains, planes and euro star journeys to too and fro, throughout the continent.
The time is now 15.44 and my eyes are beginning to bleed. So I thought i'd take a wee break and share some of my recent Irish escapades.

Im not sure if the surname gives it away, but incase you didn't know, im just a little bit irish. 
My grandparents died before I was born, so as a rugrat I never really had the opportunity nor reason to visit the Emerald Ireland. 
Still as a teenager I had dreams of river-dancing my way around the cobbled streets of Dublin on St.Patricks day and backpacking my way through the countries luscious green pastures, and down its rugged westerly coast to Tearaght Island.

Well that didn't happen...
Instead Ive been blessed with opportunity after opportunity of visiting some of the nations most famous landmarks, undiscovered beauty spots and working with its joyful citizens.
Ive travelled all over yet theres still so much for me to unveil.
But of all the places im lucky enough to have been to, Dublin is a place I could really call home.

My when in Dublin (no sightseeing bus here) tips.. 
Being an international connoisseur of the cream that is ice, it takes quite alot to impress me. But the farmers that breed these rare Kerry cows, that produce "Murphy's IceCream" milk contents, are clearly doing something right.
Oh to live, is to lick a bolo of there 'Honeycomb Caramel'.
But if your felling a little more exotic, you might want to opt for 'Balsamic Vinegar' 'Brown Bread' or 'Sea Salt' flavour.

Loft Market- Think NewYork minus the snobbery, plus the quirky.
A fairground for the fashion-forward nostalgia junkies, attracting young designers, students and hipsters alike.

Bewleys- Pancakes, coffee and tiers of cakes with ambience. Enough said.

Bookshops: Unsurprisingly, a city famed for its writers, Dublin is teaming with the sweetest smelling, cutest little novel shops. Beholding a million more treasures than your average Waterstones.

& for those looking for a little more spice..
Why not try the Forty Foot Nudist Bathing Area?
Once Made famous in James Joyce’s literature, It’s now a liberating scenic patch for anyone who just digs life in the buff. Take your pals and gals for a scramble down its rocky embankment into the icy (no matter what time of year) waters.

Oh and on a side note...that doesn't have anything to do with Dublin as such...
Ireland you smash it, at making Gas stations.
Seriously!...Fresh deli's, cooked breakfast's and Mr.Whippy's on every corner? Here in the UK, we're lucky if we get a freaking Ginsters.

Anywho... heres one of the the beautiful black and white snaps taken on a humid, showery Sunday with the super lovely, southern Ireland based Mike B.

& a dancer of the dunes, captured on a sweaty day in May, by the terrific Belfast based Ross McKelvey.
Enjoy the rest of this tepid Tuesday. Im heading back to 'kill-me-now-airways'.
With Love Raphaella McNamara x

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