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Friday, 13 July 2012

When I grow up, I want to be a Mermaid.

I would also like a ranch... minus the dust and the cowboys of course (unless we're talking Christian Bale - 3:10 to yuma). In fact think less monument valley, a little more Seychelles. 
Two pet Alpacas, a Great Dane and woven white hammock.
Two curly haired mini me's. Girl and Boy. She'll be a musical and science whiz, whilst he'll champion in track and field and be very helpful round the house.
My methods of transport would include a mint green Vesper, a dingy with an engine (there must be a name for those things?) and a pink Suzuki Vitara FatBoy, for the weekends off road adventures.
....Oh and just perhaps a tandem...You know, fun for all the family and all that jazz. The teens will love it and the array of pastel coloured helmets & elbow pads that come with it.

OK, im getting carried away.... 
On a more serious note....I do intend, to be full blown, scaly assed and shelly bra-ed Mermaid by the age of 24.

Light manipulation, technical creation and copyright...
Shipwrecked, damsel, nudiness....Me.

PS:..yes this photo is real.

PPS: Ashley you are wonderful.

WithLove on this overcast Friday, Raphaella x


  1. Once again an amazing picture... Regards from Germany, Martin

  2. Very well done. Love the pose. I like the piles of chains. I think that was a very good use for them. To hold up your lovely Self.
    When I was in Alaska they called those Dingy's with a motor a Skiff.