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Saturday, 28 July 2012

James Bond and Jet packs in the Garden of Skin.

Hey Humans, Happy Olympia and stuff!
Hope you all enjoyed last nights magical ceremonies.
I have to say, I did deeply consider hitting the sack when I saw the May poles, peasants and the repeats of Jonny Wilkinson's mug. That combined with the fact I cant really stand any of Danny Boyle's blockbusters..
Yes sorry all you Slum-Dog-Millionair-ies, theres just too much pretty and not enough gritty in his work.
But of course, of course, with the uniting of the rings, things only got better.

I really did love little Queeny's moment with Mr. Dashing Daniel Craig. I just wish she'd picked her chops up off the floor, for the rest of the evenings performance.
And oh to be a fly in her fascinator.... to hear Phillip's thoughts on the not so Caucasian colouring of many of the ceremonies leading faces.

OK, so 1 Billion of you watched it, you really don't need me drivelling on about it, clogging more of the world wide web.
So heres just a few of my little not so articulate scribbles from the late hours of last night.

  • What the devil is going on. Grass? I hate the grass.
  • Give us a break! That was not the queens hand.
  • Do I love or detest these chaps in top hats? They got some kind of charming awkwardness, but there timing (lack of) is giving me a tick.
  • Why, oh why, do the Royals look like they've been dragged here kicking and screaming? 
  • Did I really just see a tribute the American revolution?
  • Thats enough 19th century heritage!
  • NHS? :/
  • They really shoulda' worked on the child catchers snozel.
  • One thousand Mary Poppins's? Best bit of the show!
  • errmm...yep, Im pretty sure Shrek is an American movie.
  • Glow in the dark beds!! :O The bed bugs would so be screwed.
  • Mr. Bean. Enough said :)
  • The texting all over my screen? GET OFF MY FUCKING SCREEN!
  • Honouring of Tim Berners-Lee... big fat dollops of respect for that.
  • Emeli, your incredible! But when's Adele arriving?
  • United republican congress of former blah-de-blah, please walk a little faster.
  • Oh 'goldenballs' of glory, could you be any cooler if you tried? (Some entrance right?)
  • Olympic cauldron lighting made up for everything. Heaps of powerful prettiness to behold. 
I freaking loved it!!

So, am I the only one still singing Hey Jude? 
I have to say, it was just a tad cringing for old Paul and his rusty cords. A really nice thoroughly British touch however.
....But the Spice Girls on the other hand would have royally kicked some girl power butt!! ;)

Now for a spot of Eden gardening.
Copyright: Bartlomiej Staszowski 

ps. Sorry for the lack of  nude life updates recently. My schedule has been off the richter. And dont even get me started on writing anything more than a text on the i-hate phone.
Have a sweet Saturday...
Im now off for a fight with my suitcase, in time for this weekends trip to Brussels via Edinburgh...mmmm..yep.
WithLove Raphaella x

1 comment:

  1. I was at the rehearsal on the Monday it was just amazing especially the sound.
    Like the green house images