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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Robo, I dont think so.

Robots. I really cant stand robots.
I don't mean the 'A.I' kind, although I seriously do hate those metallic charcterless cretins.
Im talking about the suspicious liitle machines, so many of us are now voluntarily inviting into our homes and daily lives.

....Yes you, little Miss 'TomTom'! Bring me back my A-Z anyday. If shes so God damn clever why doesn't she put a plug in her ''bear left, sharp right'' pie hole, whilst im in deep convo? Do I really need somebody else trying to tell me what to do in my life?
Siri? Dont even get me started... maybe its his accent? He's just too damn roboty. 
Iphone 5...please provide me with an app that swaps Siri for Clinty (Eastwood... jeez who else?).
Imagine that mouthful of ruggedness feeding your minds with the weather each morning....ahhh bliss.

Predictive jeffing texts. I didn't ask for it. I don't want it. At some point will you learn to sign me out as Raphy not 'Rainy'?
Then again, without 'Mr. I know what you really want to say', there would be no juicy web finds like these, to lift my spirits on a otherwise average Thursday morning...

mega hehe's!
Heres some polar-erific goodness from Ayrshire based Tom H.

After a fantastic Bruss-illian trip (which i fully intend to blog about sometime next week) and a restful evening and morning at home-sweet-home, im now about to embark on a several hour slog to the beautiful Isle of White. Yeay!!
Happy August.

With Love Raphaella x


  1. My old HTC Wildfire tried to change 3d to 3some...

  2. I love the second and last polaroid Raph - totally lush!!!