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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A BedHead Jubilee

Happy Jubilee my patriotic bloggies. 
Sorry its just a wee belated, but ive been Kings Lynn bound for the the weekends jollification's.
....(Thats a Norfolk seaport and market town, not a typo for a "Sex on Fire" gig.)

And although I was a 150 or so miles from home-sweet-home, I did made it back just in time, to share some Pimms, and prancey dancing in the cobbled streets of all things hip, Northern Quarter. 
'Yeays for micro party!'

I wish I was a little more organised when it came to such celebrations, but Bank-holidays correlate with 'dream on', in the land of all things self employed.

In my mind im all.. french-country-manour, baking and crafty Goddess.
But in reality (everyone else's mind).. a little more... 
"What in Gods name, is that scanty hippy upto again?"

But I think my real memories of the Diamond Jubilee, will be compiled of a Novel. Yes a Novel.

Ive been boomeranging from book to book recently.... 
My brain perfectly unaroused by any of the text before me. And when I say "recently" I really haven't read anything mildly notable in the last 6months. For anyone who knows me at all, that is HUGE!
But that all changed Sunday, when an oxfam impulse buy, led me to a very unexpected brain quenching read.
And Oh boy!...Am I a slave, to these fly by, five hundred and sixty something pages.
I have never been so consumed by a book in my whole existence.

I mean... I have read things that have inflicted my views on life, things that have helped me make decisions in life and books that have kept me going in life. But never have I wanted nothing more than to switch mute on the real world and indulge in a 1LB parallel universe.

I can hand on heart say, I have never laughed out loud in public, whilst my nasal deep in the pages before. 
I have most certainly never, experienced tingles in the tummy from the intensity of dialogue. (Who knew it could be so powerful?)
And most of all, I have never loved a book so much that, I have taken mister health by his horns and laboured on through the deamonic migraine-teasing travel sickness.

OK so your probably all dying to know the title of my babbles, but not one bean will spilleth until completion. 

...If I can, I'd rather avoid looking like a total dork if it flops at page 440.

So until next time... 
heres some midnight graininess by Newcastle based photographer, the lovely 
Happy Spank-Holiday Tuesday!
Withlove Raphaella x

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  1. Hi Raphaella, I love your photo's. I am a Boudoir photographer from South Africa and want to know if i might reblog some of yoour photo's?
    Love your blog
    Kind regards