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Friday, 8 June 2012

Not another JellyFish fiction.

Good morning miserable Manchester and folks of the world.
In this weeks news...
The war between flash flooding and Indian heatwave continues and this volatile fluctuation of temperatures is giving me one well hell of a noggin throb.

Congratulations to my throat... whom attempted to sneakily swallow a thousand razor blades mid shut-eye. However this mission was not successful and the current menu of soup, soup and chowder if your lucky, is actually rather unnerving.

Shout out to the looming probability of a heinous cold-sore. Which I may insinuate, is now and never socially appropriate to have such a viral party on your face.
Hoping to shed some antioxidant light on the situation, our super-star guests..
(drum roll please)...
its the Gwyneth Paltrow's of the food family...please welcome to my tum-tum...                                                                 
Mrs. Green Tea and little Miss.Blueberries.

In further news, I recently returned from a marvellous two days of splashing in the hiemal atlantic with the talented twosome, Ciaran Whyte and Lorraine Gilligan.
...Oh and of course, another very handsome brunette named Rolo.
Who was unfortunately a victim of his own curiosity, when caught nibbling a jellyfish. Youch!

The Southern Cork shores where littered with hundreds of the beached, alien-like life forms.
And I am simply fascinated with these water based wriggly things. I think they are beautiful, graceful, mysterious and scary, all at the same time. Like seriously, how do they eat? Where are their eyes? Why cant I have one as a pet? I know its probably just a googles click away, but I think I would rather just ponder on it my self.
As you all know I come with my baggage, and I sadly had to bring buckets of bad weather, to the cutes-tical flavoured town, Clonikilty. Meanwhile, our friends over in Dublin where slipping on a T, slapping on a hat and slopping on the lotion under a 31degree heat wave. In fact the rest of the UK and Ireland was doused is the rays of hot and sweaty, but never the less the images turned out just lusciously :)

However, how I managed to surpass the Ryanair Gestapo, lugging a small planet back and forth is something of a miracle.
I'll be the first to admit, that it really isn't a pleasure travelling with them; you really have to get yourself out of the B.A holiday mindset. 
But as long as I can snatch return flights to Ireland for £20, I'll be riding this garishly coloured air bus till the cows come home.
My only real aggravation would be the sloppy presentation of their air servents. Ladder free stockings and a thoroughly combed mane, are actually in this season. 
Yes, that is rather rich coming from the lioness herself, but Im not preparing your cardboard ciabatta.
And I know it must be a real drag to have Michael O'leary for a boss, but sweet Jesus, send these girls to cheer tryouts, and "lets get that frown turned upside down!"

...Dont bother getting me started on the the freaking Fanfare.

Anyway, I must dash and find a fancy 4 inch fascinator ensemble in time for the ever nearing Royal Ascot.... 
Dr. last-minute of course.
I'll leave you with some beautifully lit studio nuditure from the equally lovely Glen Wilkins.

Have a fantastical weekend everybody.
x Hugs x 
Raphaella withlove x

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