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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

"Where the kids in America! Woahhh!"

Hey, heyyyyyyyyyy!!
Yep, Ive so just indulged in a slice of Cluelessness and Cake. 

Well I say Cake, but what I really mean is dismantling & erasing the luscious chocolate topping and gooey bits, that everyone really wants from the giant birthday desert.
Don't worry, Ive swept up all crummy evidence and carefully placed the tasteless sponge back its pristine north facing box... I will proceed with the "I know nothing about it" old chestnut.

Im currently having a slight 90's revival, I sometimes forget how awesome it is to be born in the Kappa popper pants decade.
I mean Pokemon cards, Where's Wally?, Furbys, Pogs, Tamagotchis... You just cant put a price on this stuff.
And the characters, oh the Characters!! Nigel Thornberry, Spinelli, Johnny Bravo, The Brain!
Furthermore, they just don't make Disney Evil like they used too. ...Im talking some bad ass villains here!

Ok lets start with the most beastly female of the Ocean...
Crime against mermanity: Takes advantage of innocent young mermaid in revealing shell bra; barters voice for human legs. ...What more can I Say?
Crimes against humanity: General deception, hypnotizes sultan and attempts to enslave the whole of Arabian royalty. Plus to add a insult to injury, owns tragically irritating parrot. This may be the worst offence.
And last but most certainly not least..
Crimes against African wildlife population: Lies, betrayal, ruthless pursuit of throne and general disregard for Circle of Life...Only to be eaten by his previously allies the hyenas.

On a wee Lion King tangent...
Have you ever seen more sexual looking lioness in you whole life, than the love making in the greenery scene with Simba?
MEOWWWW! Grown up Nala!!!

But when it comes to the 90's heavyweight creme-de-le-creme entertainment, the title goes to no other than everyones favourite Purple Dinosaur..

Now check out this playful pictorial, shot by my most favourite Mawson I know :)

He is rather fantastic. Tis true.

Have a happy orange Wednesday folks.
Or if your on a likewise death wish, happy butt-busting, Spinning-class Wednesday.

WithLove Raphaella x

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