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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Alo Nemo!

Have you been to Egypt? You should really go to Egypt!
OK.. so ive not really been to "Egypt" Egypt, only snorkel central Sharm-el-Sheikh.

Unfortunately, as wallet arousing as it seemed, the fly by excursion to Cairo was proving more costly than the whole damn trip. :(
The alternative coach via brain melting desert option, isnt even worth thinking about.
Anyhow, I highly doubt the Pyramids would be quite so impressive, as my calorific, frozen desert interpretation. :)

So although there wasnt any light lunches with King Tut, nor afternoon teas with the Great Sphinx, it was a truly amazing holibobs and quite the relaxing break I needed.
(Well, lets translate that into the Raphy idea of relaxing, which computes....Quad bikes, Camels Windsurfing, Mosques, Water-parks, National-parks, Night markets and more.)

But after a week of dates with clown fish, Lion fish, Stingrays and a million-tude of other skittle coloured sea life friends. It occurred to me, mid strawberry daiquiri, that I think I would like an apprentership in marine biology. Preferably stationed in Figi, although the Philippines would be fine. They don't have to pay me ill just live in a shack (complete with mosquito net) and eat fried sea weed.

Things to avoid in Sharm el Sheikh?... Everything?
Or perhaps you could just do the sensible thing and take your jabs like the rest of civilisation.
(But in my defence, this cunning mind of mine, was far to occupied planning bandaged body mummy surprises. So much so, I forgot travel insurance too!...mega eek!)
Providentially, Mr.Maleria was too busy plaguing some other fresh westernised meat, and the Great-Whites clearly weren't digging my Pis-buin seasoning. 
Although, I did have a nasty run-in with the sea bed whilst trying to escape the encapturement of 12 jelly fish...needless to say the dagger-like coral championed.
(I may have had just a little fun, picking this hearty scab all week :D

Im so delighted to be welcomed back home with such glorious sunshine. 
Even if I am tied to the studio for most of infinities foreseeable shoots, these honey sun rises, and butternut squash sunsets, soothe the soul of my rail travel life.

I do pray this 25degree delirium sticks around till ladies day! 
Of course Im the most disorganised attendee. Im having an absolute nightmare finding the perfect 'unique' ensemble, and please dont get me started on the whole hat/fascinator bolocks. You seriously wanna read the rules of attire pamphlet. Im so over it, I think I'll just settle for a burka and a sombrero. 
At least id be certain not to be clashing with the queen.

......Anyway I have quite a lot of promised blogging to adhere to, so here a selection of several silvery shots from spring 2012.
Copyright: James Davidson
Copyright: Damien Lovegrove
Copyright: Dinah 
Copyright: Mika
Copyright: Johan Verhulst

Copyright: MacRV

Weather your sipping pina's in your hammocks or shooting on the sand-dunes, have a simply fabulous weekend.

Withlove Raphaella x

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