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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Raphaella in the Red City

Hey boys and girls.
 Apologies for the lack of recent posts....(Bad Raphy!)
Aside from loosing the last 24hours to the mother of all migraines, ive been a busy little bee, darting around the not so tropical, rather flat, East side UK.
(ermmm..Trying to make Peterborough sound ghetto, is just never gonna work.)
And although there seems to be no end to the shockingly bad weather & 'fine rain that soaks you thrrough', I must say our little GB is looking bloomin' pretty right now.
But Im sure your all here to see something a little interesting...? So this morning I will be sharing some of the scrumptious images from my March Moroccan adventure. This was my second successful trip with the wonderful Voyages 2004, and we're already brain storming for are 2013 long haul shore.
Aside from his dream like photography, Mike is an amazing person to work and travel with. Not only the consummate gentleman; he has the finest of natures too. The natter, the laughter and the things he teaches me alone, make our trips some of the happiest moments of my model career life.

This first set of snaps was taken at our labyrinth like riad. 
The place boasts a humble kind of polacial, enveloped within the hustle & bustle of the never sleeping streets. Yet inside not a mouse would squeak, only the the sweet crackle, of burning fire that accompanied our slow cooked tagines.
We dumped our bags, glamourised and snatched a magical 10 minute shoot, under the buttnut squash sunset and the pink-sandy slopes of the buildings curves.
Even though this was my second encounter with the magnificent Morroco, the initial jaw dropping, neck craning excitement remained as strong.
Now, I know the model career would most likely suffer, but I am so-so serious when I say, if it wasn't for the chauvinistic mentalities of there male population, and there hands on approach to any one possessing the XX chromosome, I would seriously be considering seeking permanent residence there.
Its such a thriving, global hot spot right now. With young designers, writers and artists alike, flocking there for its arousing pots of inspiration.
I did happen to have a wee dream about opening my own 'crafty riad retreat' complete with a pea green tiled, fountain fabulous court yard. But until I die my hair, fry my skin and buy a burka,  I wont last two minutes with my skandi looking colouring.

For our last leg of our stay in North Africa, Mike had arranged  an evening of splendour-ific shooting, Michelin-star nourishment and "how the other half live" slumber at the (I don't have and adjective powerful enough) Royal Mansour. This temple was a pet project of King Mohammed VI's. Taking over four years in the making, providing jobs for over a thousand craftsmen. 
I physically find it quite impossible to write about, its like trying to describe the Grand Canyon; whatever I say is going to seem a pathetic attempt, in comparison to what it truly is. See for yourself...
Thank-you Mike for the tremendous opportunity  and memories.
Now for an afternoon of vintage shop frenzying and migraleve pill popping.
Have a yummy yummy day.
Withlove Raphaella McNamara x 

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  1. Thanks for the update. Glad to see you had fun. I really liked the photo of you in the mirror frame with you leg out of it. Very clever. My favorite of the group.