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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What Im talking about today.

This image. 

This disgusting montage was first brought to my attention about three days ago, and has been plastered upon my Facebook news feed ever since.
Quite frankly I find it fucking upsetting.
I understand this is 'supposed' to be outlining the benefits of paying a professional photographer, but I think its a terrible example and far to many individuals missed the boat.

What gives any one the right to make comments about these girls? 
Does any one actually know this young woman, in the unfortunate stance on the right? Because I am 150% sure this will be absolutely devastating for her and her confidence.
....I mean it truly brings tears to my eyes.

She could easily be anyone of us. 
From any background. 
Quite possibly just doing what she can to keep her head above water? Perhaps supporting a child, a poorly relative or an expensive education?

But maybe not? Maybe she's just has dreams to model, to perform and be creative, but unfortunately cant foot the bill of a professional portfolio. So like the rest of us, slowly but surly, works her way up through the internet modelling tree of craziness.

I kicked off my model career on ModelMayhem in 2009
....with an arms length camera phone snap.

Now what if that image of that particular girl, happened to be me?  What if the image was of your daughter or your sister or your partner? Who quite likely has her good angles and bad angles, body hangups and insecurities. Who doesn't happen to have a makeup artist, stylist and exotic location to pull out of her back pocket...(as per exhibit A.)

These are a few of the comments I found particularly eye opening.

Louis Anthony Montalbano
"Lmfao seriously people, lets be honest, when u see the left walkin down the street we turn our heads, the one on the right just gives handjobs on the corner for money lol"
Patty OnlyGirlforyou Brown 
hahhahahahahaah,,,,,oooh Girl on the right is a MESS,,,,,were they do that at,,,, trashy not even sexy,,, look like granny draws pulled up in her ass.....bitch stop playin (on the right)...hahahhaa too funny"

Now I don't know about the rest of you, but I personally find these examples difficult to digest, let alone comprehended what the poor woman is feeling inside.
This is bullying of the highest order, and I am simply repulsed that I am associated with such people.

Now for some of the dreamy, pastel pallet captures from the talented and lovely Ken Pegg. Taken on a wet wet saturday in Weymouth. Whilst bopping to Adele, indulging in hearty helpings of poppy seed cake and feeding my eyes with some precious David Hamilton encyclopaedias.

I hope you likey? :)
...I really likey!!
In fact, Im always such a sucker for a pretty bonnet.

Now grab your self a coffee and get your cute little butts over to 1X.COM, to indulge in Kens beautifully stylised and fluent, body of work.
Have a sweet Wednesday
WithLove Raphaella McNamara x


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