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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Postcards from Belgium.

Hello Tuesday, Hello World.
Today I am feeling like utter ass
Ok so maby thats not oh-so P.C...
Today I feel like I have been run over by a steam roller.
  • Razor-blade like esophagus?.... check
  • A jaw jammed full of villainous little ulcers?...check
  • Immeasurable migraine of Doom?..check
  • Plus all that other really amusing stuff like, sniffles, shivers and sneeze's so hard they physically hurt.

Luckily the projectile vomiting has not yet shown its rather ugly face. But thats probably down to the fact my diet has consisted of carrot soup and revolting web-recomended parsley tea for the last 24hours. Although Jay Mawson did buy me a pack of fruit-pastilles. So the christening of the sofa, with sparkly rainbow coloured regurgitation, could well be underway.
oh well could be worse...Jay could of bought me beef stroganoff.

I feel like a trip to Holland and Barrett is just what I need right now.
Some times I just go there and come out without buying anything, its a perfect instant pick me up.
I love the idea that everybody's thinking "Oh look how healthy and sophisticated she is". Although the likelihood is they're concluding im an obsessive-compulsive health junkie, with far too much time on my hands.

Raphaella vs Supplements 

A. My problem with Supplements is that no matter how much I do my late nigh research on 'What my body crucially needs?" and "What will dramatically change my life?", I always get so mesmerised by the multitude of  stuff in the store. And being the indecisive specimen I am, come away with only a packet of dried cranberries.

B. Do these half-empty tubs of powdery pills actually work? Im so damn impatient, if I don't see results within 3days, they're thrown to the curb.

I did start to watch this BBC HORIZON on 
but I felt like I was back in Mrs. Grimwoods, fourth period, Biology.
So alternatively, I will be saving my self 49minutes worth of dismal memories, & will be tuning into view (admire) this rather chiseled, Sean Connery like face for the next 6.

But before that... How did you all enjoy your Easter? 
I pretty much forgot about the whole celebration as per...
("Tut-Tut" echos the Catholic pappa.)
...Well its not really that I forgot, Its kind of just a little bit of a nuisence. 
Trains run slower, chocolate is more expensive.... Its just not what I need right now.

We did have every intention of taking the families scallywags to the Zoo, but the weather had other plans. 
So instead we spent a small fortune watching something I will never EVER watch again...
(Or as I repeatably, accidentally, politically incorrectly keep quoting..."The Black woman")

What an absolute let down on my list of 2012 must see's!
The film, is lazy, cliche and ultimately boring. 90% of the time, Daniel Radcliffe, is creeping around a spooky house, peering around corners with a candle, searching for shadows. 
How riveting.
I think the critics are out of there freaking minds. 
This is a BAD MOVIE.

Now lets talk about this whole Harry Potter palaver. 
I really don't accept the 'Woman in Black' gave him much leeway to deviate from his wizardry ways. Although he did (in parts) pull off a believable performance, he just didn't have opportunity to showcase what he is truly capable of, and this really puts him at back burner of rising stars, in modern cinema. 
But at the end of the day, just as Robert Pattison will always be Edward. Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry. No matter how well  he acts, every time he gets on a train I think he's off to Hogwarts, every time he reaches into his pocket Im gonna be expecting a wand.

I hate to say it, but Daniel...its time to call RodeoDrivePlasticSurgury.

Anyway enough of that nonsense.

Check out these retro summer captures, on polaroid, from my recent trip to Belgium. Taken by the fabulous Johan Verhulst within his luscious secret pastures.

What you don't see here, is any of the 10 fluffy faces who indulged in a sniff of my butt and a slobber on my feet.
Oh yes, and not to forget the Chicken..
And the Horse.
And the Swan.
And the Goat.
And a typically touristy snap of I and Karolina on our travels.

Enjoy the rest of your April 10th.
Withlove Raphaella McNamara.x

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for blogging these, and also for a wonderful shoot. I hope we can do a sequel really soon!
    Kisses & hugs from Belgium!
    Johan Verhulst