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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Anti-Christ.

What another terribly drab day. What the hell happened to the 70degrees stuff?
Its amazing that I didn't actually get to see a glimpse of the one week swelter, yet some how ive managed to gather a tan?! 
Now how do you explain that?
....Hands up..! Who'd been giving me the carrot juice transfusion?

Yet considering the never ending splish-splosh of black-cabs belting down my lane, Im feeling surprisingly chipper today, with my head submerged in totally dreamy, emerald-green ocean boasting, travel brochures.
AHHH! Decisions. Decisions.

Yet as romantic as these faraway shores may seem, I still cant quite get some of the visions from last nights "The Anti Christ" out of my head.
Im a huge Willem Defoe fan, and I cant quite remember what the british girls name is, but she was oh-so Oscar worthy too. 
Please go and watch this film & ignore everything that you have heard before. Yes its unusually graphic and 'radical' (perhaps) but non of it is out of context, Lars von Trier didn't just jam these scenes in for shock effect.
If you are remotely involved in cinema, photography or the arts this movie will prove even more compelling. 
For me it was more like a compilation of incredibly awesome stills, revolving around an intimate relationship, that is just trying to regain its balance. 
My only personal negative is, I did have trouble with the devianism of both characters, as Im very much a "I need to be on somebodies side" kinda girl, and I really couldn't get my teeth into loving nor rationalising with Defoe.

But ultimately its a finely constructed amalgamation of striking imagery and a interesting story.... What more you can really ask for in a movie?

Next on the must watch list..."Dancer in the Dark".


Anyway, before the sun sets today, I'd like to share a few quite suitably sexual and twisted images, by Reading photographer 
Carl Grim.

Raphaella withlove.

1 comment:

  1. That's quite a powerful and even disturbing title for a film, and the content sounds even more so... I probably would have only given the film a passing glance but your review intrigued me to look closer - and with an very open mind (but not so open that my brain falls out of course!).

    I usually find the IMDB discussion threads insightful, particularly so for this film and after reading a bit had to contribute some of my own thoughts - even though I've not seen it.

    Wikipedia also said the film was shot with the RED and Phantom cameras, so I'm sure the stills are photo-art worthy - and others also highly recommend the photography and score. It sounds like an artistic masterpiece, filled with rich symbolism and deeper meanings, yet also a possibly emotionally and psychologically disturbing film as well.