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Friday, 13 April 2012

The Bishops Daughter.

There is no avoiding this day. 
Every year a minimum of one Friday will fall on the 13th. 

And lucky, lucky us, because in 2012 we have been licensed with three of these freakily unfortunate days. 
...Not a great year for the superstitious.
 Nor for the Yankee economy, who's screwball citizens cost them 1 billion dollars in absenteeism, reduced commerce and transport cancellations.... YES 1 BILLION FLIPPING DOLLARS!!!
Luckily I don't really buy into all the coincidental prattle, although a miniature slice of Halloweeness is always welcomed in the McNamara household. 
PLUS, you can always save a bundle on flights departing on the 13th, and household prices at the bakers-dozen number are much more friendly on the old pockets.

But as I don't intend to buy my ranch nor a last minute mini-break today, I think I will be sticking to what I know best...good old fashioned celluloid.

Im feeling totally uninspired by this decades horror offerings, so im preparing a for a candlefilled, popcorn-crunching, trip down memory lane of AMERICAN PHSYCO and SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.

And in truly cinematic style, heres the latest taste, of freshly brewed Raphaella and Ashley offerings.
(ps. I did try and think of a fancy way of combining our names...but "Rashley" really doesn't do anything for me...)

I hope you enjoy them even half as much as we did creating them.
And thank-you once again Ashley, for a sincerely unforgettable and phenomenal experience.

Raphaella McNamara x

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