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Monday, 2 April 2012

The Devil wears Denim.

What a grey Monday.
I normally don't get any sense of "the monday blues" nor 
"that friday feeling" but boy do those clouds seem so heavy today. I just don't think Im cut out for this crappy climate we are subject to. Id be much more suited in the tropics. 
With my sun loving skin tones and water baby psyche, living in the UK really doesn't fulfill my needs to live out my Mermaid alter-ego. Plus I think I would be much happier spending my days solving underwater mysteries with Sebastian and Flounder. 
Although I did hear a career in Mermaiding around, isn't the most lucrative unfortunately.

In a closely related amphibious kind of way, I do still have those hot sweats at 3am, where something is telling me I should be in the Marines.
Yes me in the Marines...I know...I know..
Ive just had that feeling since the age of 13 that a Navel officer (in one of those fancy outfits of course) was my true calling.
The bummer is, Im just not really into the whole 'WAR' thing. But im a killer at assault courses. :) orienteering, the bleep test and scuba. 
I think they would have to be pretty foolish not to accept my application.
(OK, OK.. so maybe we wouldn't tell them about the clumsiness, the shoddy eye sight, and what Ive been doing with my self for the last 3 years.)....

Anyway, so Im sure your all here to read something a little more interesting than whats been keeping me up at night.
So lets talk about Norway.
Yes Ive gabbled on about this pretty little patch of the planet quite a bit in the last 12 months I know, but I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to keep going back, and discovering juicy new places and peeps... And this trip was no exception.

Now although flying and driving through umpteen times, I had actually never had the luxury of experiencing the cosmo-tropolis that is OSLO. A city of the exceedingly fashion forward and impossibly beautiful peaches and cream faces. With wallets and lifestyles just as enviable.

Whilst in town why not indulge in a well deserved beer at one of the cities charming bars and restaurants for a "mere" €10.00+!! Or you could save yourself a buck or two and pick your beverage of choice up at your local supermarket... as long as you intend to purchase before 8pm on a week day and 6pm on the weekend! 
Failing that why not join me for a drink at the Ice Bar?
(I'll be empty handed lass, licking the walls, as my card would probably have froze after the admission transaction...
No pun intended.)

As always, I was travelling and working with the unaccountably talented 
Now I really don't want to start inflating anybody's noggins around here, but I feel incredibly blessed (hate that word but had to use it, damn!) to find a working relationship like I have with Ashley. Its so rare that you find that common ground of creative understanding, that you acknowledge and encourage how each other work, and continue to challenge and inspire one-another. All this and we have an absolute BEANO, in each others company. So thank-you fate, karma or God.
And thank-you Ashley for being Ashley.

Images from this fantastic trip to follow shortly... 

For now though, I would like to share a selection of recent snapography taken by the terrific Reading based Carl Grim. I work with Carl on a pretty regular basis and each shoot I find as exhilarating as the last.
I have quite a few sets to share with you from the wicked 4hour blast, and as always I hate to bog you all down with so many from one shoot. 
Therefore Im going to give you a Raphy-Carl injection of my favourites, over the next three days...sorry about that. :)
Wishing you all a delicious week ahead x
Raphaella Withlove x

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  1. If you ever come to Sweden again. Let's hook up and shoot!