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Monday, 26 March 2012

The House of Stella.

Good morning blogging buddies. 
Hope you have all made the most of the splendiferous weather we have been blessed with this weekend. Unfortunately I didn't get to experience much of Belgium's whopping 25 degree heat over the last four days. But I did enjoy some immensely, dirty, fun, at some of this tiny counties, most picturesque old steal works. 
Ive actually found it to be quite a liberating weekend...

Swinging from the beams, pulling the looniest most flexible poses possible and really pushing my body and mind to create some dynamic and thought provoking, artistic nude photography.
(Although I do regret dragging the baby elephant sized suitcase, across the globe, only to require a tooth brush.)

However.. I must say it did awaken me to the fact I hardly ever pose in such away any more. Why do we never see the athletic, balancing on one elbow Raphaella, we are all so used too?
And lets be honest it is most certainly my biggest strength.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not particularly picturesque, but I do know how to through a shape of two. 
So this summer lets bring on the shadows, the shape the mountains and rocks! :)

This expedition happened to be my first ever encounter with the Eurostar, can you believe that?!  But to be honest it wasn't quite as galvanising as I had imagined. Just like a rather grey looking, overpriced, and ear popping train.. that also kindly combines all the frustrations of airports.
Not quite the magical mystery tour I had some how envisaged.

Is it crazy to think I kinda pictured the train zooming through some sort of sea-life wonderland?
Luckily I did have a friendly face at hand to keep me entertained on such a drab journey..the beautiful inside and out Karolina Bil. We have had such a blast these last few days, and it really is quite lovely to spend such quality time with another woman. 
Although I think it is fair to say, I have found my cringingly ditzy partner in crime. 

I do plan on heading out today, but not to enjoy the glistening sun but the perils of the walk-in-centre waiting room. Eurgh! ...I will undoubtedly walk out far more diseased that I did when I walked in.

I have so many ghastly chores to squeeze in and around shooting these next few days. I jet off to Norway on Wednesday and up to sunny Scotland on sunday, I really don't know how Im gonna pull the precious hours out of my butt.
Ahhh... If only I didn't have to freaking sleep. What a flipping burden it is, without it I would be so much further in life.

...Speaking of Norway, I should probably share this DELICIOUS recent image, taken by the exceptional Ashley Cameron.
 Have a splendid day and enjoy your barbecues and Pina-coladas whilst our wacky summer lasts...

Withlove Raphaella x

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