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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Theres a Bumble Bee in my compact and other short stories.

From Edinburgh to Snowdonia to London and everywhere in between, ive been darting around the country like a headless chicken these past few days.

Other than a mugging in Brixton. And a highly perfumed Bee sting, (after the fuzzy friend had been buzzing around in my 'Fox in a box' blush for 4 hours.) I had a blast.

Although I am slightly kicking my self over this 'Torture Garden' malarky. (Needless to say, I didn't attend this Saturdays event after being mugged of my earnings.)

Torture Garden isn't a place Ive ever been particularly interested in going but a pal of my purchased tickets for us a few weeks back, so I thought I would tag along just for the opportunity for us to hang out (although I was and still am holding all reservations on the shin-dig).

First of all what the hell is it? The words 'torture' and 'partying' just to go hand in hand for me. 
Its like those un-explainable Salted sweets!

Apparently its "The worlds largest Fetish club." But what if I don't have a fetish? (Although I do rather love interior design, I cant imagine they would cater for my crafty needs.)

Numero 1. The extreme dress code.(lack of clothes)...The website quotes.."Please always remember that if your outfit wouldn't turn heads in the street - don't bother to wear it to Torture Garden ." But I dont freaking want to turn heads in the street!
Seriously at mildest, latex and lingerie on a evening out? Could I feel any more uncomfortable?
(Yes Im a nude model. But when Im not on camera, my confidence floats around zilch. Yep zilch. It sound s crazy I know! but when I am modelling, just as on stage or in the studio, Im ultra bubble wrapped. Its the only time I feel truly liberated and un-judged. But when Im not performing, I am looking for ZERO attention. 
Example... I dress down on journeys, behind layers or oversized clobber to avoid any attention from fellow passengers and when im bikini clad on the beach, I cant get into the water quick enough, Im that body shy.)

Its not just my body hang ups. But I seriously VERY rarely go partying. So when I do, I just wanna feel lady like and elegant. Is that so wrong?

Numero 2. The Beats. The paramount reason reason I go out is to shake my butt. And listening to what there MySpace has to offer, I really cannot do so to such tripe.

Numero 3. THE REAL REASON. Im scared. Im just physically not comfortable being surrounded by so many sexual extroverts. I honestly get freaked out by dungeons and bondage at the best of time but whippings in a crowded room of nymphomaniacs on a night out?!
So unsanitary.

 TBH, I really don't feel like Ive missed out. My evening of olive nibbling and bird house glamourising/customising seems far superior from where im standing.

But if you HAVE been and can testify against such an experience, I would love to hear your TG thoughts.

Now as I am so behind with my blogging, I have decided to compose a compilation of my favourite images taken in 2012. Hope you like them too. :)
Freakily ethereal work by the delectable delegates of 
Rosie Hardy's workshops.
Wall licking love by Preston based photographer Kwamea
Unmistakable structural body scapes by the Edinburgh based Britalicus.
Timeless photography by the fabulous Damien lovegrove.
And a creepy little favourite featuring Katy cee by the wonderful Carl Grim.

Happy Tuesday or should I say, happy 90210 tonight at 9pm on E4 day.
(Ingredients...Glow sticks, slow shutters, Raphaella and Britalicus)

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