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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Two little Love birds sitting in a tree.

oh deary me, its been like one whole fat week since I posted time flies.
It really does, I mean.. this week marks the three year anniversary of I and my darlings wonderful relationship AND the birth of my modelling career.
Its funny how these things all came together... 
I modelled nude for the very first time literally a few days prior to meeting my partner and I really had no idea how to handle the situation. In fact I often wonder how models introduce them selves when dating?. Surely the whole occupation thing comes up in the first few lines? 
Luckily for me, my sweet heart saved me all the hassle and just typed my name into google (this however could have gone one of two ways!) and found this little old chestnut, which he demanded he had framed on his wall.
(snapped by Lifescapes on my very first location shoot, on a breezy, Cumbrian, spring).

But it seems most models tend to date photographers, which is quite understandable.They are after all colleagues, with the same interest, whom understand what this game is all about. It totally makes sense. 

Which is why I find my self INSANELY lucky to have found some one who supports me, encourages me and understands why and what I do without judgment, even with the protractor reading, business analysing, numbers crunching mind he holds.

I'll drink to that.

Also the fact Im 21 kind of haunts me. 
I guess im doing pretty well on my success time line (compared to  some of the hooligans I was educated alongside) even if I have steered slightly off my balletic tracks. But I do tend to suffer a wee A.A (achievement, anxiety). The word relaxation is just not in my vocabulary and I don't believe theres any woman in the world that doesn't sometimes feel like she's failing at either her professional life, home life or both.

And there is this crazy catch22 for women in particular at my age, whom still don't quite know what they want to do; and in some ways feel its too late already, or physically bound by the restraints of todays economical climate.

So many degree-less women, whom are educated in an over populated sectors, who cant land a position that isn't in Telesales, with no financial support from home, or encouragement from parents and partners, feel that pregnancy is the only thing they are left on this earth to do. And I sadly see so much of that coming from an arts background.
Thankfully (and I really am thankful) I happen to have found my happy path in the world, it may not exactly what I had planned but 'my goodness' am I ENJOYING it.
"oh happy days..."
With love Raphaella  x x x


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  2. Hey, nice to see that one again, it's always been one of my favourites and you've come such a long way since that shoot.

    Which reminds me it's been ever so long, we really must set something up this year (hopefully it won't be too breezy this time).

    Phil (Lifescapes)