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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Go team Mama's day!

Good Evening pals and gals. I do hope you have all enjoyed a wholesome Mothering Sunday.

I and Mother goose had a gleeful day in the sunshine, at the home-wear-extravaganza-outlet-land, ogling at all the ornamental eye-candy. But unsurprisingly as ever, I came back with a slightly skinnier purse than intended....(ix-nay on the "slightly").

...But seriously,  It was imperative I pick up a blue mosaic lantern, one super-sized metallic candle stick holder, one owl shaped vase, a pic-nic basket and a whole new spring themed dinning table spread. :)

I would really love to stay and 'goss' but my bulging eyelid muscles are wearing away at these match sticks, splint by splint, second by second.
So to kick off the week in a fashionably nude manner, here's some of the superly sublime new work taken by the fantastic Mr.Glen.
With love Raphaella x


  1. Just wanted to say that you are great at writing. I stick my head in every so often to see what you have to say and it's always entertaining. Hope you're well and that the sleep syndrome gets sorted.

    All the best