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Thursday, 2 February 2012

A slightly Scandinavian looking Bedfordshire.

Happy Thursday my blogging lovelies.  
Apologies for being such a snooze of recent.
Its my first day off, at fort Raph since January 1st and on top of all my typical daily dramas, I have quite a poorly mother whom due to nhs negligence and wrong diagnoses after wrong diagnoses is now  back in Hospital. :(
I think its fair to say my January has been UTTER CRUD!
On the bright side of things, business has never been better and Ive seen some beautiful places, met some beautiful people and have been busy creating some not-so-bad images.
Heres a tangy Pick'N'Mix of my 2012 so far...

Pretty Bedford - on location images by the fabulous Pattrick Allen.

Hi, ho, hi, ho, off to a MRSA virus ridden ward I go, with some mags, and some flowers and some locozade, hi, ho, hi, ho, hi, ho, hi, ho!

Withlove Raphaella x

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