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Sunday, 29 January 2012

The soul is a crowded place.

Good morning, forward slash, afternoon everyone. 
Apologies for my utter lack of nattering of recent. After an exhausting Tarzan & Jane USA adventure, I hit the runway sprinting, with back-to-back shoots throughout the beautiful county of Surrey these last four days.
(PS. How cool is the mini Stonehenge in Ringo-Stars's front lawn!)

 Oh & on top of that, 'The powers that be' ordered me a large side order of jet-lag, which I could really do without right now to be honest.
So when I have risen from my walking slumber, I promise to be a good little blogging trooper and share my latest hipster happenings.
Enjoy the last little scraps of your weekend.
Raphaella WithLove x

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