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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The lovely-groves

Good morning Pals and Gals.
Boy have I got bags to blog about!
I have images dating back from November still awaiting appearance, crying out from the dark, depths of my hard drive. So I think its best I reconfigure this little issue.

After spending a lovely few days with the Lovegroves, I was reminded that I had better get my act together and post the tasty snaps from our last fantastically successful 'Femme Fatale workshop' held at the stunning Maunsel house, four months back.

 Oh my day's! What a idyllically, romatical piece of Somerset County.
If I could only justify its price tag, you would most certainly find me there, lapping up in its 13th century splendour over valentines weekend.

...Now for some of the gorgeous work taken by Damien and his delegates.. (round 1).

No time to waste, a poorly mother awaits...
Have a wicked wednesday.
Raphaella withlove

1 comment:

  1. I love the last two! I love working in locations like that - so much decadent potential! Beautiful stuff.