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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Just another silly little week.

On platform 1, at a back of beyond station we have little old me, meanwhile on platform 2 One-hundred intoxicated football hooligans sing 'girl with the platform smile'. For five freaking minutes!
For anyone who hasn't seen this....(shame on you)

Purchasing the cutest iPad case ever, even though I don't actually own an iPad :/
...Im sorry but the florals had me at 'Hello'.
Its making a cracking one-way-up-only pencil case though :)

Trusting your boyfriend to take good care of your tulips when your out of town, tut-tut.

& Finally...
So I finally get my Facebook freedom back and literally within minutes of reading Ella Roses' status on getting in a spot of bother for uploading links to her beautiful website. I am scorned by the social networking Gods once again, as apparently the links to my blog are a violation of there nudity policies, blah, blah, blah!
Its not like Im a particular facebook junkie, but another seven day block doesn't half get my back up.
Here's the thing...
I absolutely appreciate that some people may STILL find nudity (the most natural thing in the world) offensive.
But pretty, pretty, please, person whom persists on reporting me every time I freaking breathe... If my work is so God damn objectionable, then why dont you just delete me as a 'friend' and stop pooping on my party?

Amazingly nude is our natural state.
So what the hell is it that sends so many of us into a frenzy when we see a bit of skin and bone? We live in a world that smears it in our faces everyday.
We see scantily clad women plastered on every billboard and every Box office. 
We all hail the mighty 'Victoria Secrets' Angles and who's complaining about a Halle berry sex scene?  

Thus I am completely baffled as to where this fear and hatred of the nude form comes from and why a piece of nude art cannot be appreciated on the same level as a piece of non-nude art..
.... Why do we travel to rome to admire a Michelangelo but dismiss the modern day art work being created before us, as perverted and wrong. 
What I personally find offensive and hugely distasteful is small children in pageants. Screw-loose mothers who've missed the boat, living out there "miss-universe-galactic' dreams through there 5 year old girls before they've even experienced a fun/carefree childhood. Plastering therm in make-up, injecting them with Botox, giving them padded bras and knickers and told to dance provocatively like a clapping seal, in hope of a cash prize!
What I find appalling is hearing of women being told they can’t breastfeed in public as it’s “indecent exposure”. I would really love to know who's complaining? The hypocritical old birds that go through motherhood them selves, but are just too shy to feed there child in public, therefore everybody else should be? ...As Im pretty sure the men aren't complaining about such boobilicous behaviour.

And don't even get me started on this...NEWS.YAHOO.
Breathe Raphy breathe!
On a lighter note.....

What's this? Raphaella on the front page of the daily star!?
...You see that wholesome ass next to Alesha Dixons face? Well...thats mine!
Thank-you Chris Rout :)
I have also just been informed that I am featuring on ...allbeautifulcuties...
I have no idea who runs this blog, but thankyou who ever you are. :)
Did I mention im now on Flickr too? Im only a decade behind the rest of civilisation (as per), but I have to say, what a fab site!

Now check out these foolishly unblogged images from the brilliant highlands based Dave Hunt.
This first image is an out take, but it so makes my cut.
 & last but not least, two fresh from the oven beauties, by the fabulous Tony Dudley.

Raphaella withlove x

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