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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Holy Moly Matrimony

I hope you have all enjoyed your first week of 2012. 
I've particularly enjoyed the belated christmas parcels and the endearing prospects that 2012 could well hold.

But seriously am I the only one around here feeling considerably older?? 
I yesterday learned that my better half's sister is baking a bambino and that I inevitably will become 'Aunty Raph' (ARGHHHH! HOW FREAKING EXCITING)!
But... with a sister AND a niece on the way, I am beginning to feel those descending, dark clouds of pressure to get hitched and pop one out.
Ok maybe thats a little extreme, but "please God" at least give me the opportunity to go to a wedding some time this millennia  & wear one of those fancy bonnets to shake off my settling down anxieties!
Im currently at a toss up between these two 'subtleties' from Paris Fashion Week ;)

Speaking of those ever clanging Wedding bells... 
I recently worked with the fantastical India Hobson, shooting images for the delectable WhiteRoomBridal, and there new girls heaven, range... 'WhiteRoomMaid'.
Bouquets and accessories:
Hair styling and nails: 
(ps. check out my fabulously voulumised locks on there front page)

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