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Monday, 16 January 2012

The isle of fright.

Ahh... Home-sweet-home at long last. 
And boy is my chubby bum happy to see Mr. Chesterfield suite.
After 5days on the road, near deaths and near arrests, I have a wee one day at home to nurse  my dislocated limbed other half.

5hrs prior to my south coast adventure, I was sitting in a rather loud, rather smelly, Manchester Royal Infermaary. Munching tangfastics and resisting temptation of tickling my partners bare foot on the leg he had just dislocated. I think its fair to say that was a pretty bad start to the week right? On the bright side though, there has been perks to my partners miss fortune... the fun I have had on those crutches in uncanny!

Unfortunately the days to follow pretty much unfolded in a similarly, stressful, series of events.
Having my purse pinched and accidentally setting my favourite piece of leopard road kill on fire (as pictured below) is only just the start.
.....Now the last time I blogged, I may have had a wee rant about the ignorance of society towards nude. Well..."SORRY KARMA!". I promise I didn't mean to offend you. But I think the bolocking and police threats down at ryde-pier on friday where a little excessive don't you??
OK! So it was the middle of the day, on the most heavily trafficked stretch of the island and it was private property to boot...But seriously whats the problem??
After a spontaneous strip down (of course my idea) and a clearing of at least 30 seconds, I posed and pranced to my little hearts content, under a golden, diffused January sun.
Quite literally 30 seconds later, adorning a terribly mismatched michelin-man style outfit, security where all over us like a rash. Overly emphasising just how disgusting and inappropriate our actions are and how they ought to call the police.
Now as your typical red-blooded man, would you really be so up tight? You've got yourself a free freaking porno in the cctv archives!!

Now this next chapter isn't quite so laughable and I really hope it will reach out to the artistic nude models and photographers that read my blog...

I and Mark-Davy-Jones headed down to a beautiful but frost bitten beach to catch a God given, sunrise, sky-scape on my first ever visit to the Isle of White.
Now thinking back, the words 'January' and ' UK beach' shouldn't really fall under the same sentence. But never wanting to shy away from a heavenly dusk and luscious lanscape, I think both I and the photographer lost perspective of risking your life for a photograph.

After around 40 minutes of frolicking in the wet sands and minus 2 air, I no longer had any control over my hands or feet and my legs and arms weren't far behind. With vomit in my mouth, I began to fall in and out of consciousness and I insisted that we take a break and retreat to the car for a much needed warm up.
As we headed back up the hill, Mark appeared to be getting further and further into the distance. This was very confusing for me. Im always the first up any hill, yet I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other, it was as if I had forgotten how to walk. Treading side to side, my lungs where screaming out for oxygen and it felt like Jesus was warping my heart on photoshop.
As I attempted to yelp "I need to stop". My body hit the floor like a bag of bones. As my eyes opened my body started to jerk, tears fell uncontrollably and I had what felt like a 4hour asthma attack.
Of course this was not four hours, mere minutes. And this wasn't an asthma attack but severe hypohermia.

Thinking back now, I cant quite believe whilst my body was fitting, I was actually apologising for letting Mark see this. I guess in the back of your mind you never want to put someone through that, especially when knowing them for only a couple of hours. But I can honestly say that without his presence I probably would have died there.

Suffering from Raynauds disease (a circularity condition) I was pretty much asking for this. As models, I think we become so eager to impress and to challenge our minds and bodies, we just loose sight of reality.This has been such a wake up call for me. Neglecting my health and welfare is no longer on the cards. We only get one shot at life.
So after a week of more dramas than I care to think about, I am so excited to be escaping to the states tomorrow for a week of utter relaxation and a stint on the slopes..yeay! :)
So to rescue a very dull blog, Jay Mawson the incldible sweeps in to save the day, with our most recent playtime pictorial.

Peace and love, Raphaella x


  1. Glad you've recovered, hypothermia is deadly serious. What on earth where you thinking, at this time of year!


  2. Raph, letting a photographer put your life at risk is no joking matter, as Phil says hypothermia is deadly serious, and no photograph is remotely worth it.

    Too many photographers nowadays seem to have no regard for the safety and security of their models, and should know better. To be frank it p*sses me off.

    Please take care, and have a good trip to the states.