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Wednesday, 7 December 2011



Rain, rain, rain.
I think it needs to rain just a little bit harder around here....
My body's been angled at about 45degrees battling these north westerly - gail force winds, using my overly enormous hand bag as a sail against the tsunami of Christmas shoppers...meanwhile my inside out, union-jack umbrella, cartwheels off, somewhere 2miles down the road. :/

Yet... the same blue rinsed-old beauty, deep in read, complete with fag in hand, sits blissfully at our front stoop, daily in the depths of December.
                  Sex and the City Stoop NY
At the grand old age of 68, she sure gives miss Miss Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money.
Although the chances of 'Mr.Big' galloping around the corner anytime soon, bearing a pair of royal blue 'manolo blahnik's', isn't looking too promising for her. 
And the likely hood of me waking up to find these babies in my mail box is pretty slim too, so instead I treated myself and my blossoming baby cactai, to a new companion...
A frog-princess-watering can :)
Watering clouds and watering cans aside...
...on a much more summery looking occasion in late October, the sensationally talented Stephanie Mabon came to town and took this beautiful lavender loving image of yours truly.

Not long a much chillier studio, Bradford bound.....

And then we got down to some not so serious, serious business :)
Copyright of the fantabulous.... Steve Robertson

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