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Monday, 12 December 2011


What a blissful week! Shooting in Georgian manners and ploasial coliseums. Enjoying romantic getaways to canterbury and pamper sessions with the wonderful wigs and warpaint, I maby just maby be getting into the chritsmas spirtit.
Im sad to say that the end to my perfect week has left me with quite a bitter taste.

....Yesterday evening, I was horrified to discover my dearest great aunty and uncle where burgled from there life-long-humble-home.
For any one I am sure this is a traumatic and horrible experience but this is certainly more disturbing when it happens to such a giving and loving pair of 81 year olds.
For a couple who have surpassed triple heart bi-passes, diabetes, strokes and gangrene between them...having some of  there life time possessions taken from a place where they should feel there most safe, is certainly not what they need 12 days before Christmas.
When I heard the news, I of course assumed the worse, as you would. 

To my relief the reality wasn't quite so frightening but never the less unpleasant to hear.....

The theifs had watched them leave for there scheduled sunday evening outings and bricked down there doors and ransacked the house.
Surprisingly it seems little was taken.
My aunty being the old diva she is, wears 80% of her jewellery, but what was left behind they greedily filled there pockets with.
Camcorders and other easy getaway items where also on the agenda, proving this definitely wasn't any kind of organised crime & police suspect drug addicts; in desperate need of quick cash in exchange for there next hit.
This doesn't make things any nicer though.
I really do wonder how bad a drug addiction can get? Where your conscious allows you to watch an elderly couple hobble out of there home & you can proceed to terrorise there home and lives.
Today there insurance replaced there non existent door with a new shiny door, but for the last 24hours they have spent every minute wide awake, aloof in there chairs whilst the back of there home welcomes any old stranger in.
It only took the police half the night to attend to the crime scene, unlike there 3minute arrival time at Hallem Mill studios, when a blonde girl happens to be spotted bare breasted in the window, by some jobs worth peeping tom.

Ok rant over, im boring my self let alone you. Im just thankful neither of them came away hurt. And can only pray that these criminals don't return for the items they left behind
But will my 'greats' ever feel safe in there own home again? I don't think I would, to be honest.

Currently living in an apartment block and being extremely savvy on codes, cameras and locks gives me my peace of mind when I leave the door each morning.
Unlike my American half of the family I don't have guns, dogs or any nice laws on protecting my own premises, which can be quite daunting when my partner is away from home. 
The things that make me feel my safest is 'stuff' LOTS of freaking 'stuff'. You will notice from my previous bloggings that im quite the house proud individual and having all these pretty things around me, they become almost characters in my life.
That last line sounds very shallow and cringing indeed, but admittedly my housey bits and bats, (other than a 'coffee republic' gingerbread-americano) are my only vices.
I don't smoke. I don't drink and I only have a slight shoe fetish.
Whats a girl to do?

In other news I apologise for the slowest of slow email replies, I am sad to announce my 1year old Blackberry piece of crud has finally past away. So I am currently rocking a Nokia 3210..... YEAY!...Who needs a Angry Birds when you can have a bit of Snake 2.
& may i just say ..."Blackberry..on the ringtones stakes you don't even come close.. I am so going to be 'carribeaning' my way through christmas."

Ok, time......
Cleavage included portrait....
Copyright: Ian Mcinnes....

Sunday morning sunshine with....
Copyright: Chris Rout....

A skandi looking Bollywood princess....
Copyright: Doug Ross...

Slurple the purple...
Copyright: Steve Robertson....

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