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Monday, 5 December 2011

Belgique Business.

 Good evening my blogging lovelies.
I hope your all getting into the christmas swing of things and have wrote out your wish lists to santa?
Heres is what I am most certainly wishing
a whole "Raphaella" lingerie line dedicated to me.. :) nudge, nudge, wink,wink...
Athlough Im sure certain men in this household would prefer to see me in this little number....
On a more serious seriously looking to upgrade my SLR, as my baby it is currently in rehab and the doctors say things arnt looking to good...
So if any of you are selling up any old equipment or would be interested in a 'TFPNC shoot'....(time for pretty new camera) please do give me a shout. 
I still haven't bought a single present (oops!) but have done the decent thing in posting my much agonised over pretty little cards to the USA. As for some wild reason it now takes 'upto two weeks' for a card to cross the atlantic. :/ In fairness there is more chance of them reaching there desired destinations as there is if I was to make paper planes out of them and launch them off Brighton pier.

Luckily for little old me, the wind has blown christmas a wee bit early this way....
I am in love with my B&J charm bracelet!
It does have a slight glitch, in that it doesn't taste quite so creamy, chocolaty, phish foody as I would like...and that every time I look down at my watch its Ben & Jerry's time.!!
...Other than that, my wrist is feeling a million dollars :)

I have received these spicy image from the brilliant belgian-with-a-bite-photographer Herve Mundry.

Have a great week chaps!
x Raphaella x

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