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Wednesday, 30 November 2011


As a nude model I am stuck with the same birthday suit of a wardrobe on a daily basis. Theres no room for fat days. Of which I defiantly do have. All I need to do is look at a piece of red meat, bowl of pasta or glass of milk and I ballon up into Raphaella the Rhino!
…Thats no thanks to some hereditary badly behaving bowels.
Even on skinny days theres no disguising my stubby little feet,  my bulging ballet calfs, the perfect square of skin discolouration on my stomach, and the protruding out my chest-dislocated rib that I didn't get fixed.
The only thing I can hide behind is my hair.
My safety blanket.
Without it, I actually feel a whole new level of nakedness.
In some ways vulnerable.

We all have some kind off blanket, whether we know it or not. We all have that something in our wallet, that song we play, that routine or feeling that makes us feel comfortable. Personally, hair serves the same function as that trusty baggy jumper on a fat day. It creates a barrier between Raphaella and anyone around it. 
This probably sounds bizarzze, in fact it sounds bizarre for me to even say aloud, given that I spend the first 18 years of my life with my hair tied up into a Croydon face lift bun.
But I defiantly wasn't performing a 'grand jete en tournament' in the buff.
Neither was I hanging from a tree, being blasted by an Elinchrome mega beam or having a mini boob job on CS5.

So for something a little different to the usual prancing,dancing, tightrope balancing Raphy snap. 

Here is a portrait.
 A lip smackingly tasty, purple-paint on my naked face, portrait.
Copyright of Liverpool's finest: MCGRORY

Now what was I saying about Dancing, prancing, and tightrope balancing???

Moving on....
Have a look at these summery wonders that feature in the 'Ravenshaw's best kept secret' 2012 calendar.
I say feature, but I do happen to hog a whole 12 pages, thank-you to the wonderful Tim Pile.
I have worked with Tim on many, many occasions, and really admire his photographic ethics and ideas.
His skill-set, determination and creativity, really provoke the best in the models he works with, as I am sure you will agree when checking out this link....MM

I feel so overwhelmed and privileged that someone would produce a calendar of me.
In my mind, who the hell would want a calendar of me? Who knows who I am? and who would wanna wake up to see my nudey two-scoops in the kitchen every morning? 
I look at the crazy stats on my blog and Im totally convinced that I just happen to have one over enthusiastic fan hitting refresh all day!

Anyway, you'll be glad to know your year ahead wont just be revolving around me...
Tim has also produced a calendar of the gorgeous Ivory Flame, which I have no doubt will be utterly delectable!

Happy orange wednesdays x 

1 comment:

  1. As the advert for the make-up or something says..."because you're worth it", and you forgot the cover - there are 13 of our images in the calendar.

    I got a fright looking at the 2nd image, but having checked I did remove the red warning signs in the final image that appeared in the calendar, and I popped a more interesting sky in. Also to the "health and safety" types out there, I did climb up onto that beam first to check it was safe before allowing Raph up there.

    Looking forward to our next encounter.