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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Little Miss Scrooge.

Happy December 1st!

Unsurprisingly my calendar is looking a little ahead of its time already...tut tut.

Where the hell did November go? And September through to October for that matter.
I cant believe its nearly christmas. Why cant we just cancel christmas this year? We just had one, like last year! In my oppionon we should have leap year christmas's. Imagine the sonic presents you would get!

Luckily I will be celebrating my yankee family christmas on January 3rd. ...Hello my good old friend Boxing day sales!
I actually prefer the boxing day sales to christmas day. What an absolute let down! I love the run up; the twinkly lights, chocolate covered everythings, panto, and the grinch. But what the hell is christmas day!

.....OK I may be slightly-sourly-cynical about the whole situation, given my romantic getaway to newyork last christmas, complete with helicopter rides, tickets to radio city's christmas spectacular, raiding Bloomingdales, and that all important ice skating on central park; was freaking cancelled thanks to the Great British weather and our inability to run as a civilised society when a sprinkle of snow arrises.
Hello Mr. Priminister....Pretty please would you just invest a few million in snow ploughs and save your self a few BILLION in economy losses, you tool!
and screw you Heathrow!...

So yes, last christmas sucked. Present free and our pockets approximately £2000 lighter.. It wasn't until midday christmas day, with the Baileys and astronaut ice cream consumed and our cupboards boasting a Jar of Jalfrezi and a pot of 5-spice, that I considered bungeeless-bungee jumping from the mezzanine.
We walked through a ghostly version of manchester (that had an uncanny resemblance to a 'War-of -the-world-scene) and was rejected from every crammed bistro and over priced eatery in town. At this point I would have just given my bank details in exchange for a slice of Turkey, but two hours later, blue lipped and teary eyed, still no luck.
And there it was.... like an Oasis, in a very icy desert, ..... 'Pearl City'
All you can eat chinese buffet for £6 .......yum yum yum!
The seediest, soup kitchen style restaurant you have ever seen.
I may have been bringing the food back up for the next 48 hours but when you think you might die of starvation on christmas day...anything tastes good.

Unbelievably this is the second time in my life that I have spent christmas day at an all-you-can-eat-food-fiesta, due to similar circumstances. Hence, I and Saint Nick are on a time out.
Although I think we both know I will undoubtably find my self giving in to the chaps charms and spending unforgivable amounts of dosh on Festive Door mats and the like.

Anyway considering its December and this heap of un-blogged images doesn't seem to be getting any smaller, I think its about time I post these stunning shots taken in October, from my latest Norwegian adventure with Ashley Cameron.


I know ive said it before, but isn't he just Amazing...

PS..Now get off your butts and go and buy this

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