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Friday, 25 November 2011

Dora balloons and Cockerel cartoons.

In todays main headlines...Raphaella is going to become a big sister again, to a wee bambino in PA, USA!

Hello everybody...
Apologies for being an absolute bore of a blogger of recent, but unbelievably I am still bound without broadband. 

Im not entirely sure if I can pull through and make it through another weekend, it has been pretty touch and go here at the McNamara household.
How it can take a full fat month for this instillation process, totally blows my mind.
But surprisingly it has had its high points....
 With no more midnight distractions looking at pretty 'wants' and 'inspirations' letting one hour slowly role into four.
No more numb bum and square eyes, whilst my hand subconsciously dunks into the haribos.
And that self-indulging, heavenly silence of NO 'Battlefield' war of something-another, bag of balls.

Consequently lots more living the 'what did we do before the internet' shenanigans.

Like theatre and crafts, Christmas Markets and Fair grounds. 
Its really opened my eyes to how much time we waste, growing muffin tops, with our eyes glued to some smart, apple shaped, touchscreen, HD, 3D device.
But lets be honest I feel like I have lost my left arm.
No Skyping, no I-player, no eBay? 
Makes Raphaella a less connected, less educated, less richer Raphaella.

But ultimately ive got emails coming out of my ears, im a decade behind on my blogging adventures.
Bad times.

This is what Raphy's Dior adorned peepers saw this week....
      A little unconventional craft time!
A little unorthodox theatre.
"No Raph...your not allowed another Dora the Explorer balloon!"
Dancing in the blueberry and mandarin moonlight,
with my great friend Benni Lorentz.
The 'chilli peppers' by the wonderful, belgian/swiss born Herve Pierre.
This piece of beautiful wall art, was taken by a very talented teen Melissa Downhill.

                     And my final two slices of pictography, where taken by the incredible Midlands based Rafael Kuczowics.

You will have to excuse me as I now have, what is sure to be a very dreamy, overdue date with my pillow.

Good night folks.

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