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Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Hello Folks, a million apologies for my recent absence. In between salmonella and switzerland, I have also moved homes and subsequently been seized of my precious broadband.
It should be up and running within the next 10 days, so for now im operating at the laundrette :)
At least it gives me good reason to get on top on the my mount kilimanjaro of dirty apparel.

OK, so I sound like Im an absolute a move-a-holic. But that couldn't be further from the truth.
 I find it the most stressful, financially raping affair that one can encounter. But I have to say, theres just something I really don't dig about damp.
You see, when I think of a home, some how it just never features wet walls and sweaty windows.
Thus- rerooting my life once again.

But all is well that end well. The new Raphy palace is just delicious!
That may possibly be down to the fact that I've just blown £2000 on some not so essential bits and bats, but at the end of the day, you just cant put a price on a yummy home :)
....But yes you could probably could put a word...'Bankrupt!' :)

Most beautiful kettle in the world...check

2x Kath kidston bedding...check

Chesterfield suite...check

Luscious lagoon Shag pile....check

Blueberry chandeliers....check.

Chihuahua lock...(just what ive always needed) ....check

I could be here a while....

I have got soooooo much stuff to post and blog about, from autumn colours, travels, fried eggs and fireworks. But I will start with this very pretty set of muted feminities taken by the lovely Cambridge based photographer Pierus, earlier this October.

^Hello crazy cone boob.^

Ok...This is just a few of the whopping selection of the soft, soft, softs we created.
 Many more to post but its 17.30PM and I don't particularly fancy a lock-in at the laundrette tonight. Have a spiffing Tuesday

Raphaella WithLove

PS. Do not buy this Cranberry juice.
Its 'Special price' for a reason.

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